clothing vest for radios

I notice that I carry too many little things. I was wondering if anyone ever took a fishing or tool type vest
to store items we use on SOTAs like telephones , vhf radios, pencils, etc.

Not a jacket but I have a RibZ Front Pack and apart from making you look like a suicide bomber its a very useful little pack. Just have to be careful where you wear it.

I could probably fit my KX2 station in there, though I haven’t tried yet. You can still wear a back pack and its useful for having stuff right where you can get to it easily. Loads of videos etc, just search. They seem to do a tactical one now too.


John VK6NU

I have also looked at this . The fishing “life jackets” you can get ex Asia have lots of little pockets, fit as a vest and when you take the bouyancy (foam) out they are OK to wear.
This sort of thing:


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I think I will have to report you to the fashion police if you wear something like that.


Most walking coats from the outdoors shops have loads of zip pockets. My current jacket has two very large pockets in the usual positions plus two more at chest height either side of the main zip.

Yesterday, I did 8 summits and never carried a rucksack. In my coat pockets I carried gloves, torch, pencils, logbook, handheld, adaptors and smartphone, all in comfort.

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Another type of option that’s more backpack friendly and generally quite useful…


If you get a vest like this, you need a CW key that you grasp in one hand and depress a red plunger with your thumb to key. It should be visibly connected to the vest by a red wire.

The upside is people will stop asking about your ‘fishing pole’…



Oh dear…

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All the choices seem good
Since it is hot and I use a backpack so far I like the last idea the best
any other ideas Weight of the pack is especially important to me… Do you know the weight?

I ordered the RP-1 Scout radio chest harness .

We shall see how that works

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