Close call -Mem management

I just had a close call with the FT-857 and 817.

I used the software mod to wideband both rigs and had set up all the usual SOTA frequencies in memory.

Recently I realised that included with the memory manager software was the facility to convert the memory files from my Kenwood hand helds and integrate them into the memories on the 817 & 857. As I had not bothered with setting up repeaters on the Yaesu rigs this seemed like a good idea and was duly done.

By pure chance I just discovered that the memory software had reset the rigs back to standard UK spec. This could have meant me being unable to use 5 mHz or above 7.1 mHz on my up and coming GM trip. Close one!

Re-running the widebander software does not seem to have effected the memories and I appear to be good to go. Both the memory manager and wideband software are now on my laptop, just in case.

Speak to you all from GM over the next two weeks I hope.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

In reply to GW7AAV:

Hi Steve,

I don’t suppose your software allows you to copy and paste your list of memory frequencies (SOTA ones)? I’ve been monkeying around with homebrew CAT cables and I’d be most interested in ripping them off for sticking in my own radios =)


Dave 2E0BYA