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Clemens DD2TC Baaahhh

Clemens @DD2TC achieved his first mountain goat today with the activation of DM/BW-093. :mountain_snow::beers::tada::goat:

Clemens is based in DM/BW and also likes to travel and qrv at higher altitudes. Through him, many interested people already found their way to SOTA - through his annual SOTA A18 activity.

Congratulations Clemens and continue to enjoy the hobby! See you soon in a QSO.

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Hallo Clemens

Welcome to the herd

A new mountain goat in the Black Forest… seems to be a good habitat :grinning:

73 Armin


Congratulations Clemens @DD2TC !


Gratulation, Clemens, zur Bergziege! Weiterhin viele schöne Verbindungen und viel Erfolg auf der Weide. Heute zum Farrenberg hats leider nicht geklappt. Bis bald wieder mal und beste 73


Congratulations Clemens!
Hope to work you some day…

Will need to get a microphone :slight_smile:



Hallo Clemens

Gratuliere zum Meilenstein und wünsche weiterhin viel Gefreutes rund um die Summits und rund um “on the air”. Hast du auch Möglichkeiten, 60 m auszuprobieren? Hatte dies anfänglich auf der Seite gelassen und dies dann aber als gute Möglichkeit für Verbindungen in die Nähe kennen gelernt. Bin immer wieder erstaunt, wie gut es dort läuft, auch wenn das Band klein und manchmal etwas lärmig ist.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Hello Clemens,

congrats on achieving Mountain Goat :tada: :balloon: :champagne: :partying_face:
Thanks for arranging the A18-SOTA-event and for all the S2S-QSOs!
Hope you further enjoy SOTA. Looking forward to our next QSO.

73, Roman


Hello Clemens, Congratulation. I am looking forward to many joint activities. Thank you for introducing me to SOTA.

73, Andreas


My respect. Glad to hear you today.
73 Chris

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Thank you for all congratulations on my first Mountain Goat.
Thanks also to Marcel (DM3FAM) for the information here in the SOTA reflector
and last but not least, many thanks to all QSO-Partners.
I love being in nature – especially in the mountains and in the Black Forest.
3 1/2 years ago I started activating SOTA summits.
Even before participating in SOTA, I was on the road in the Alps for many years,
where I climbed many high mountains in HB9 and OE.
I hope that by the 2nd Mountain Goat I will also score a lot of points on
60m (@ HB8DIZ). If someone wants to work for me and “forgot his microphone” -
I also will try to distribute points in CW.
Looking forward to our next QSOs
73 de Clemens


Congratulations Clemens on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congratulations Clemens on your MG!
Since I’m also often in the Black Forrest, maybe we run into each other one day.

Have fun and 73 Stephan

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Congratulations Clemens!

Ken, K6HPX

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