Claiming awards

Just clicked over to 1004 chaser points which allows me to claim an award for “Shack Sloth”.

In order to have the claim checked, do you do this by purchasing the award via the shop?

Whilst looking at the Summits on the Air I think i noticed an oddity/incorrect link

Claiming …

Awards are not sent automatically - you must claim them!


You can order [trophies](Products | SOTA Awards) and [certificates](Products | SOTA Awards) by visiting the SOTA Shop

I noticed that the links above for ‘trophies’ takes you to certificates and ‘certificates’ takes you to trophies ?


Cunning plan to extract the maximum dosh from you :joy:

Order via the shop and the checking will be done at this end (but nothing will now happen before 2022 because I am entering vacation mode)

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager


Thanks Barry. I wasnt sure if purchasing kicked off the verification process or not.
Enjoy your vacation mode

Since when did volunteers get holidays??


We have to look after Barry, without him SOTA would eventually grind to a stop!


Barry is simply the most important person on the Earth when it comes to SOTA. He is the man that we (me and Andrew ) claim back the running costs of all the servers. :slight_smile:

Seriously, Barry handles the shop and thus all the merchandise, awards and keeps a tight rein over the expenditure. Normally all he has to deal with is hams who don’t give him the right details for awards, or give him the wrong addresses for merchandise etc. Or order something on a Sunday evening and wonder why it’s not arrived at the other end of the planet within 24 hours This only causes him to turn to strong drink towards the end of the week.

This year he has been sorely tested by PayPal and it’s complete lack of ability to understand and deal with small “businesses” like ours, especially outside the USA. I’m not sure how many times he had to fill in the same form and when he finally got to speak to human, had to tell them the same story he told the month before. I know that it had gone well beyond the amusing stage at one point.

So please say a thank you to Barry for doing one of the most important but least exciting jobs in SOTA.


Is there a page on the site where participants can view their logged summits?

Yes, it’s the same place where you enter your logs. See the line of blue links to our services at the top of this page.

EDIT: and the link you want is Database.

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Well done John,

…… and very good to hear I was #999 whilst I was activating I/LZ-161 today.

73, Lea M0XPO

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The Data page was my first guess where to find that, but I never noticed the small Menu at the top left of the page.

A slight miscalculation on my part Lea. You were #998. Thanks for the points, I went mobile during the day to try and get a few more points.

Just my 2 pennorth I think all the MT do a fantastic job sometimes with no recognition. Well THANKS to you from me 2E0AGB Allen


My SOTA award for Shack Sloth arrived on Friday - Thanks
The post man still managed to bend/crease the certificate by squeezing it throught the letter box :frowning:
Now time to find a place for the award and keep the cert flat!


I got mine too after @GM4TOE awoke from his seasonal slumber. I have an A4 sized letter box on the side of my porch, so all good on the pristineness and lack of crumpling.

Mo likes her arts and crafts…told me it was going in a special frame. :see_no_evil:


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When I claim my S2S award I don’t expect the same reaction from my wife :thinking:

As an example, the little ‘shrine’ I made with my Fred Whitton certificate seems to have ‘disappeared’. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Needless to say I was away from home over Christmas.
UK orders placed after the last posting date for non-UK delivery went into the same pile as the others because I wasn’t here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Hopefully everybody who placed orders up to 4 January have received them or had notification that they have been shipped


Thanks Barry for all the hard work, no awards to deliver ( but I will order the 500 activator points when I get there…) but my daughter arranged for SOTA flag for a Xmas present which arrived in time to be under the tree. (… perhaps it should have been attached to the top?) t so looking forward to attaching it when I do my first 2022 activation. 73 Paul