Christmas present for the activator with everything

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Nah rather spend me money on a decent rig :smile:

Make me wonder if society doesn’t need to sometimes draw a collective line on technology.

There just seems something so wrong about this. Let’s imagine . . . hike into beautiful wilderness and enjoying the moment . . . and along comes WHAT!!!


Target practice. The new form of clay pigeon shooting !


A SOTA activator sitting on the mountain top. Not only he spoils the beautiful view with either ugly aluminium constructions or wires tangling around. He also spoils the silence by constantly babbling nonsense like “CQ SOTA November One Echo Uniform” into a microphone. Ok, I have to admit CW-operators are in advance here.
Here in Germany quite a number of hams are not allowed to set up antennas at home because neighbours do not tolerate seeing masts and beams near their home. Not to talk about any RF radiation…

Having society drawing collective lines regarding technology normally ends up in undesirable results. At least for groups pursuing technology related hobbies like amateur radio or flying R/C model aircrafts. They easily find themselves on the wrong side of the line. Therefore I myself try to be as tolerant as possible. Hoping that other less technology affine people do the same.

Btw: Thanks for 10m QSO on Saturday.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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Everybody needs to be a star in their personal heroic adventure movie I guess.

Thanks for the QSO Michael!