Christmas Day morning S2S event 2022

Creating its own topic from for this in the hope of encouraging some take-up.

It’s a bit sparse so far - just me alerted to be out. Would be great to get VK-ZL-JA-BV (etc) with the early start, but of course all S2S and all chasers will be most welcome in my log.

I’ll be giving the soup and Scotch eggs a break, and replacing with coffee and mince pies.


I’ll make a point of listening for you, Tom, normally 40m is too long at that time but the current burst of sunspot activity (SN 147, SFI 137) might change things.


I will listen and chase from home if I hear you!

73 De VE6JTW

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Ill listen out for you on Xmas Morning, probably be on 2m I will be able to work you.

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Hi Tom,

If WX allows I will do my the best to support you and myself by taking a part :wink:
Do you know that word “pies” in Polish language means “dog” ?

73, Jarek


Excellent! Please post an alert - you can always delete it if you need to cancel.

It would be good if everyone planning to take part posted an alert, to build up further interest and encourage wider participation.

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I am shown as Xmas day but for us it is the next day Boxing Day. ZL3MR


Indeed. I am hoping some folks in VK/ZL might be able to get out on a SOTA Christmas Day afternoon/early evening your time, in order to try for S2S in the European morning. Though I guess with things like Christmas dinner, family gatherings etc, this is probably less than likely!


Any more for any more? Roll up roll up!

@M1EYP and @SP9MA currently alerted for Christmas Day morning (though Jarek reserves the right to cancel of course). Do join us for some S2S Christmas fun if you can. My early start time is my strategy that allows myself some free time on Christmas Day without upsetting any family members!

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While Christmas Day seems slow to pick up momentum, I see that Jorge, Ignacio and Jordan are alerted for Christmas Eve morning, so I might start out a little earlier - or hang on a little later and try for some S2S tomorrow.

Hi all. Merry Christmas from sunny VK. :christmas_tree: :sun_with_face:
I don’t think I’ll be activating, I’m afraid, but I hope to be chasing.
My 80m long 20m V-beam is operational, pointing at the UK (as if it could point anywhere else… :grin:) long path and short path. Hopefully 20m will be working VK to G.
Anyone got any thoughts on the best time (UTC) ?


I worked @GW0WPO/P at around 0945 on the 17th, but was struggling to copy him.
I think I got a 5/7 (!) but could only return a 3/3… Thanks for your patience Neil, the radar was +20 dB at one point, so I could only wait for it to stop :grimacing:

Sorry but it’ s a working day for me :crazy_face:
Good luck


The Christmas Eve “warm-up” went reasonably well.

15m CW: 1 QSO
20m SSB: 13 QSOs
40m SSB: 3 QSOs
2m FM: 5 QSOs

Total: 22 QSOs

S2S with IN3ADF/P on I/AA-154 (20m SSB) & MW7RJO/P on GW/NW-002 (2m FM)

SWL (or in other words called-but-didn’t-get-heard) with EA8/LB8CG/P on EA8/TF-009 and EB2GKK/P on EA2/NV-073.

Mini Palm Paddle/Palm Cube was playing up, making funny noises, and stuck at 40wpm. I managed to fumble one contact through, but then gave up and resorted to SSB. I suspected either or both of a bit of damp getting in and a CR2032 battery that needed replacing. After getting home, I installed a new battery and gave the paddle and Palm Cube a good airing in the warm dry shack.

I’m still deliberating which bands to go for tomorrow (Christmas Day morning) and which antenna system to use. I’ll keep an eye on the alerts, which will undoubtedly shape my thinking - if any more are posted!

Tomorrow morning on my alerted summit is expected minus 7 Celsius with light breeze and snowing - it seems to be not the best conditions for SOTA party :frowning:
Good luck to all participants !

73, Jarek

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Nearly ready. Wx not very nice - but let’s do it anyway!


Had a check on 30 lot qrn this end too much daylight probably too.
Ian vk5cz …

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You are being heard by the RBN. Hope there are humans out there too. My kit is all stowed away I’m afraid. Heavy rain outside.

Disappointingly, the mild, calm and dry conditions of recent days had vanished, to be replaced by a cold, damp and blustery Christmas morning. I set up on the north-eastern slope just off the summit for what meagre shelter it offered.

Just three HF contacts made using the Alexloop - SP9NLI and LY5O on 30m CW, and OM1AX on 40m SSB. Twice that many added on 2m FM with the handheld, culminating in a pleasing S2S with Alistair M0BKQ/P on Pen-y-ghent G/NP-010.

Now back home. He’s been - but no signs of life from the XYL or the harmonics yet.


Hi Tom!
I listened - but nothing heard in Aus.
Oh well…
Happy Christmas!

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Nothing heard here, either, but at least I had a coffee laced with rum - the shack was cold!