Chris HB9CYV is a SOTA Mountain Goat now

Dear all

The French Loire Valley with its many castles is a wonderful setting to do SOTA there. Chris, HB9CYV, is currently in this beautiful region and has now reached Mountain Goat status. Congratulations Chris on your great success, always nice to meet you for an S2S QSO or a call from your hut! I think it’s great that even today radio amateurs still aim for this long term goal and achieve it.

Chris is one of the few SOTA participants I have met on the way to a summit. You can still recognize him by the mast on his backpack, and we had a nice chat. Keep your fire, Chris, and continue to enjoy SOTA! Maybe I’ll hear you today at the Swiss Mountain Activity Weekend?

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Congratulations dear Chris …

…and thank you for the many S2S

73 Armin

Congratulations Chis and many thanks for the many S2S!
Have fun and welcome to the herd.
73 Stephan

73 & GL José

Congrats Chris. I think we had our first QSO and S2S on the day you reach MG. Very nice :grinning:

:goat: x1

Hope to hear you again.
73 Joe


Congrats and thanks for all the S2S QSOs!

73 Heinz

many congratulations chris , im ready to chase you towards the next one , well done , ray

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Congratulations Chris on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

WoW Congrats Chris!

73 from Asturias.


Congrats Chris, from across the Pond. Baaaa!

Andy, N4LAG

Hello Christian @HB9CYV.

Congratulations on your first mountain goat :goat: and thanks for the QSOs so far. Continue to have fun with the hobby and see you soon :+1:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

Congratulations Chris.
73 de EA2WX.

Congrats, Chris!

Congratulations Chris - well done! :beers:

I still remember the thrill of getting an S2S with you last year when I was in Iceland. I hope that we will QSO again some day.


-Josh WU7H

Congrats Chris on reaching Mountain Goat :tada: :champagne: :balloon: :confetti_ball:
Thanks for the S2S today and the many QSOs we had before!
Enjoy your beautiful mountains and continue having fun with SOTA.

73, Roman

Congratulations, Thanks for the Qsos!
Hope for many more…

73s Ingo

Congratulations on achieving MG :grinning:

Chris Chapeau Bas :exclamation: :champagne:

Thank you for so many S2S QSOs :muscle:

73, Jarek

Hi Chris congratulations :slight_smile:, hope to catch you as S2S.

Good Luck :goat: x1 ;)…

73, Nuno

Congratulations, Chris! See you soon for a S2S!
73 Fabio