Chasers, you disappointed me

My second summit today was HB/SO-015. I spotted myself at 10:15. One minute later RBNHole spotted me with the reference of the summit I activated earlier this morning. Guess what? Already four chasers logged me with the wrong reference.

73, Hans PB2T

We’ve been so much used to fully trust Eric’s RBN gate that it’s easy to understand that many chasers are not bearing in mind that, being RBNHole a great and hepful tool, it’s not as refined as it was Eric’s and they should be listening at the summit reference that the activatior is currently giving at any moment, as well as looking at who’s raised the spot we are looking at on Sotawatch.
I have several times seen in the last few days a spot raised by RBNHole together with a spot raised by the activator. No need to say that it’s the spot raised by the activator what we must trust over those spots from RBNHole, as this unrefined provisional tool is not dealing well enough when an activator does more than one summit in the same day within a few hours window.
Advise to all chasers: Look at the alerts, look at the spots and see who’s raised the spot you are looking to. Trust the spot from the activator and other chasers rather than RBNHole, particularly when 2 spots are raised at about the same time for the same activator callsign but in different summits.
Best 73 de Guru

Some chasers do need to learn how to listen, that’s for sure Hans. However, as activators we can help by managing our alerts to try to ensure that RBNgate / RBNhole support has the best chance to be accurate.

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Not to mention how difficult it was to copy you on our S2S today because the huge number of chasers that call on top of you! :grin:

I know that I’m not the most talented operator to work a pile-up but…

Thanks for the s2s.

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS

Hi Pedro, Thanks for the S2S. You did a great job copying my weak signal. I had to find your REF on SOTAwatch too. I had the choice between your spot CT/BA-002 and the RBNHole spot CT/BA-018. I took the one that gave the most points…

73, Hans PB2T

Tom, It was a spot not an alert.

73, Hans


Indeed RBNHole spot CT/BA-018 ahead of time…:slight_smile:

Our QSO was at 1015.
I made an alert for BA-002 at 0930 and to BA-018 at 1130.
I spot at 0948 (CT/BA-002).
At 1008 I spot again because of QSY to 20 m (14.061).
At 1009 RBNhole spot me on CT/BA-018 (14.0612).

During activation, especially in locations like BA-002 I’m not connected except when I QSY.

I didn’t activate BA-018, because the activation of BA-002 and the descent take long than I expected on a refreshing -1 C and an outstanding sunny day!

73 de Pedro

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A suggestion: to reduce confusion for multiple peaks, post the alerts with something like HB/SO-0?? then tell the first few chasers the ref for the actual peak and ask them to spot the ref for you.

The auto spot will appear with the indefinite peak ref but will let chasers know you’re on the air at a specific frequency. A few minutes later chasers can get the correct ref from the updated chaser spots.


Mike - ke5akl

Mike, I am afraid that won’t work. I spotted myself (with the correct reference).


Why it should not work, Hans? Alerting as HB/SO-??? eliminates any possible ambiguity.
73, Ruda OK2QA

… and contributes to a reduction of the flood of self spots. IMHO it is not desirable that SOTA becomes more and more a cellphone game/contest.

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Alerting is a different topic. I am not complaining on how RBNHole works.
My point is that if I spot myself on HB/SO-015 that is the summit where I am, even if one minute later RBNhole tells that I am somewhere else.

73, Hans PB2T

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