Chasers Please Note: GW/SW-041 activated by G4ISJ

Please note that I activated GW/SW-041 early today from the English side of the border.
I expected, correctly, that this may cause issues but being a “border summit” it’s hard to say in advance which side you’re going to setup. I had alerted as GW4ISJ :frowning:
Today was no exception and the Welsh side was very wet and icy, whereas the English side was a bit drier and firm!
Please check your logs and make sure you didn’t log me as GW4ISJ. I did try and send my call regularly but it was a bit of a “bun fight” for a long time and I expect it was lost in QRM… :smile:
The only station I worked as GW was GW4VPX/p, when I jumped into Cymru with the 2m handheld…
This little video shows the border between G and GW, and where I was operating.

Apologies again for the confusion.



Looks like a great day, huge envy!

Hi Pete

Thanks for pics and the s2s today - great to get you in the log. I hope you had a good day as the weather was certainly kind to us today.

73 Allan GW4VPX