Chasers: please help with HB9SOTA group activation on Saturday

Hello Chasers,

On Saturday March 11, HB9SOTA will again have a group snowshoe activation to wrap up the winter season. A number of us will be operating from Furggelenstock (HB/SZ-025).

Two requests for chasers:

First, to make sure all of us can get the four contacts we need, do no hesitate to work someone from the same summit if you hear them calling CQ with no responses.

Second, be sure to verify the station / operator you are working – with this many ops on the same summit at the same time, there can easily be confusion. We will try to identify ourselves frequently, but even so…

Thanks again for all your support, and we look forward to ufb wx (finally after what seems like weeks of rain!) and lots of QSOs.


This will be a good memory for you! … do not you manage to direct a call outside of Europe … because it is difficult for us to pass through the pile up.


Actually, this will be a good opportunity for you – we will be on the air for a number of hours, having worked through the pile up, and operating into the late afternoon. Hope to get a contact with you!