Chaser's phantom QSO

[Chaser phantom QSOs]

Hi all

Yesterday, I activated CT/BA-003 with CT2JLS, Sergio (report will be published soon).
I operated CW and Sergio SSB. So, no possible mistake of what kind of modes each station were using.

It’s difficult to confuse my callsign and Sergio’s callsign. (CT1 vs CT2; DBS vs JLS)

When I look who chased me, I notice a G station that logged a QSO with me using SSB.
This qso never happened just because I made no contacts using SSB.

This kind of stuff happen from time to time.
Is there any thing that I could do to avoid this in the future ? Any thoughts?

Vy 73 es tnx

I’ll put money on the following being the explanation.

Station sees spot for CT2JLS, works CT2JLS on SSB, makes note because electronic logbook not running or not logged in to DB. Later on station decides to log chases and gets to notes made, can’t read callsign and checks on spots page for CT station on BA-003 and finds your call and logs that. Probably you’ll see an entry for the station in Sergio’s log when he enters it.

Hi Andy

I’m hoping that was the case, but just after the post, the qso was removed from the log… :wink:


…and did it then appear in Sergio’s log? :wink:

It just disappeared with the wind: bad weather here, maybe that’s the explanation! :innocent:

Chasing on Sunday morning is sometimes a really stressful thing because in a matter of few minutes a chaser can be logging QSOs on multiples bands and modes.
In case one have the rig linkedvto the computer logging program, there’s no problems and band/mode should be automatically updated on the log as the rig changes band/mode.
In case the computer logging progrsm and rig are not linked, there are chances for errors, thus becoming highly probable that after logging a chase on 15m SSB, one chases on 20m CW and forgets changing band or mode or both from previous chase.
I have received several eQSL with band/mode/date/time errors.
SAISIE SOTA program by F6ENO has recently implemented a table with all bands and modes, so it’s very easy now to select the right band and mode by just clicking on the right table cell.
It might not be this what really happened in that case you mentionned in your post, but I just wanted to tell you about this and my experiences about logging errors.
Best 73 de Guru

I understand and it’s quite easy to happen to a chaser who are trying to make the most of his/her time.
Like you and Andy MM0FMF wrote, some mistakes are understandable.

Thank you all for the thoughts!