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Chasers: listen for HB9SOTA group activation from HB/OW-004 this coming Sunday

Hello Chasers,

This coming Sunday, July 30, our club HB9SOTA is going to do a group activation of Wissigstock HB/OW-004. We expect to have as many as nine activators and reach the summit mid-morning local time.

Given the large number of ops and recent poor propagation conditions, we ask that if you hear an activator calling CQ without getting any response that you do answer him, even if you already have the summit in your log. To avoid confusion, we will try to identify ourselves frequently, but don’t be afraid to ask which station is on the air at any given time.

We will appreciate any contacts that will allow everyone in the group to get the activation in a reasonable amount of time.

Thanks for your cooperation, and we hope to hear from you on Sunday.

VP, HB9SOTA The Swiss SOTA Group


Hi Paul and friends,
congrats and many thanks for your excellent activation from Wissigstock HB/OW-004. After last nights news about the heavy storm and rain in Engelberg I did not expect to hear you on Sunday morning, I hope everybody from the group is fine and qualified for the summit-points. Conditions on 40 meters are sometimes magic, with signals jumping up and down.
Have a save return to your home QTHs and hope to see you soon again.
Vy73 Fritz HB9CSA (DL4FDM)

Yes, the same I have also noted in recent days.
When listening at 7032 kHz from 0800-0840z only HB9AFH/P was readable (76.8 km path), but too weak not to miss the bk due to sudden qsb/qrm (did not want to make me ridiculous…).

What was the procedure on 0732 kHz:

  • all op used the same antenna and trx?
  • all op used the same antenna and individual trx?
  • all op used their individual antenna and trx?

73 gl tks, Heinz

DX wise 40m looked good on the IOTA contest and for HB/OW-004 a quick check on the map revealed line of sight for my remotely operated QTH :slight_smile: They all had a nice armchair copy for the 59 km path. Have a save trip down.
73 de Dominik, HB9CZF

What a coincidence to meet Manuel HB9DQM/P on 430.100 FM, just a few minutes prior to our local Sunday morning roundtable right on this QRG!
Tnx for this unexpected QSO. Hope you all had a safe descent.

73, Markus HB9BRJ

No worries about the storm in Engelberg; we had excellent WX during our group activation today! Although we couldn’t avoid getting wet on the way down, we all made it back safely.

@HB9BCB There were three HF antennas on the summit today; a magnetic loop operated by HB9BHU/P, a G8JNJ (if I remember correctly) operated by HB9GKR/P in SSB, and an EFHW operated by HB9AFH/P, HB9BIN/P, HB9CBR/P and HB9DST/P taking turns using their own KX* rigs. As far as I know only the EFHW was used on 7.032, but with various KX2/KX3 rigs connected to it, and HB9BIN/P using a KX1 (3 W). HB9GIN/P operated 2m FM, and I had a blast on 70cm!

@HB9BRJ thanks for the unexpected QSO; glad to hear that I inadvertently called at just the right time on the right frequency to hear some OMs from Schaffhausen on an otherwise quite neglected band (for simplex) :smile:

@All chasers: thank you for your help! It was a great day, and everybody on the summit got their QSOs without any trouble :smile:

73 de Manuel HB9DQM


Hello chasers
Hr are some pictures from the Swiss HB9SOTA Group annual summer activation of Wissigstock (HB/OW-004).

Standing: Juerg, HB9BIN, Marianne, HB9XAM, Christian, HB9GIN, Paul, HB9DST, Manuel, HB9DQM, Hugo HB9AFH, Fredi, HB9BHU, sitting: Bruno HB9CBR, und Ralf, HB9GKR.

Bruno, HB9CBR und Juerg, HB9BIN with an EFHW from HB9BCB and a KX1 from HB9DQM on 7.032 MHz. My MTR-5B was not working due to a failure in the power cable.

In the middle of the picture you can see the homemade magnetic loop of Fredi, HB9BHU, who was working on 30 Meter.

Thank you to the Chasers for the QSOs and to Paul, HB9DST, for the beautiful pictures!
Everyone got save home but we ended up getting quite wet due to a thunderstorm!
73 de HB9BIN, Juerg