Chasers Chasing Chasers

With the reduction in activators due to COVID-19 restrictions we could have chasers chasing chasers. Insteating of posting summits we could post associations and grid squares - instead of W6/NS-001 we could post W6/CM88 - no points but …LOL

“S2S” new meaning “Shack-2-Shack”

I like the idea Joe. Especially since word on the street here in W7W is that our gov will give the ‘shelter in place’ order this evening. There go my plans for mountaintop social distancing. :sob:



I was thinking C-C-C but S-2-S would work.:wink:
The CA Shelter in Place allowed for solitary outdoor activities - but people are just too friendly.

Let’s get started with: QOTA … Quarantine on the Air :wink:


Hi Joe,




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I am just thinking on the rules.

Disclaimer: Don’t take it serious. :star_struck:

Maybe the activators use makeshift antennas that are only deployed during the quarantine. Chasers chase as usual.
Quarantine2Quarantine Q2Q of course the premium discipline (Especially with 59 of noise in the city).
I would also count repeater QSO as some have no other options from their QTH.
Per pack of unnecessary bunkered toilet paper give one minus point :wink:

Just messing around…

73 Joe


Double points if your antenna has Corona discharge?

I’ll get me coat


If you can do corona-morse with it - sure :+1:

Here some :popcorn: for the show


I think there should be extra points for aerials built after March 23rd. Naturally, I received my new 12m carbon fiber collapsible fishing pole from China yesterday ;’) Very nicely made, but missing one of the elements right smack dab in the middle :’(

Perhaps it is a dipole now, rather than a vertical?

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Excellent idea. There are SOTA chasers who cannot physically do a SOTA activation. This will give them a chance to run. It will give chaser beginners a chance to increase their skills and SOTA activators to keep sharp with their skills. SOTA is one of the best methods of increasing CW skills, both chasing and activating. I advise many SOTA operators in CWA, both chasers and activators and know this to be very true. Of course, day/night/times/frequencies would have to be worked out to not hamper regular SOTA activities. If you use grid squares, I suggest the use of the slash ….DM/42… for sending to practice that character.
Bill, K0MP
CW Academy Advisor, Beginning and Intermediate

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Bring a small tent to each summit and shelter in place.

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QOTA…isn’t that what we do every day???