Chaser techniques

Why would a chaser follow an activator from band to band sending “nil copy”? By definition they are send blind and just causing unnecessary QRM. Poor operating.

Yes, as a QRP activator I have on more than one occasion been frustrated to hear a chaser who can’t hear me bemoaning the fact on my frequency, probably causing QRM that prevents someone who could from copying me :rage:


It is a sad thought that the median IQ is 100…

I always wondered what my IQ was so I did an online test and was quite pleased with the results. I told someone and they didn’t believe it so I did another online test as they watched. The questions were similar in style but different. Having seen the type of questions this second test was easier and I got a better score. I’ve just done another now and it was not difficult and I got a score I don’t believe. So I think you can learn how to pass the test. Perhaps that is a measure of IQ too.

Anyone with a half reasonable IQ would realise that one test was insufficient.

There were at least two chasers sending to me that they couldn’t hear me today. One I heard and ignored (because it isn’t useful info to me, it is annoying QRM), the other I didn’t hear but you told me about via PM.

Either way, it has to be one of the most pointless activities one could imagine. Chasers - please don’t tell me on air that you can’t hear me - (a) I am not interested, and (b) you are QRMing those that can hear me.

First day of GI trip entirely to plan and schedule. What an uninspiring four summits though! Jimmy assures me we have plenty more of the same to look forward to. Makes repeat activating in G/LD seem ever more appealing!

Anyone with more than “a half reasonable IQ” would not need to do an IQ test at all. :innocent:

Just sayin’…


Which raises a thought - how would you devise an IQ test for somebody more intelligent than you?


What would be the point?


Wow! This has drifted way off topic!

Curiosity, I suppose.

Yep, topic drift - sorry!

When I first did one it was after talking to my xyl Sarah who was doing a Psychology course at the time. We’d been talking about whether IQ tests were meaningful as that was the current subject she was working on. By the way she often reads snippets from the forums that I take part in and she says she’s never seen many classic examples of people vastly in need of professional care and therapy! As the Psychologist on Fawlty Towers says “There’s enough material for a whole conference here”.

To your point Brian, the tests check things like vocabulary, information extraction, similarities along with arithmetic. Pattern matching is tested and that often gets combined with arithmetic to give a combined arithmetic and geometric progression. Can you spot the pattern and fill in the missing number type of questions. Then there’s visual testing which looks at inductive reasoning (a set of patterns, which is the odd one etc. type of questions) and visual spacial reasoning. All of it is against the clock. So you not only need to get the right answer but the right answer fast enough.

So you can just make the visual stuff trickier and more involved and check the really smart people answer them really quickly. Instead of using just addition and or multiplication in the progressions, you can used more complex maths such as square roots etc. However, part of the demonstration of higher intelligence is to look at the progressions questions and “feel” the numbers, such as look at a series and seeing at once they are all cubes or squares rather than just numbers. And, of course, the people designing the tests are by definition going to a at least 2 SD away from the mean, so they wont be exactly not clever to start with.

Whether they really have value I’ll leave to people like my xyl to argue as she has studied the topic.

You have probably heard this one already, as it has been well publicised in the UK press.

Two questions in a SAT test:

(1) Write a sentence using the word “point” as a verb.
(2) Write another sentence using the word “point” as a noun.

An 8-year-old child provided the following answers:

(1) “I point at the car”.
(2) “I don’t see the point of SAT tests”.


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"Which raises a thought - how would you devise an IQ test for somebody more intelligent than you?"

Well, my point entirely :wink:

Back to the topic, and not hindered by knowing my IQ, I would like to point out what can be the reason for ‘sri no cpi’.
You hear a station and have to wait. After the waiting you call and …there is strong QSB.
I wait than I while and send ‘sri no cpi’.
73 de geert pa7zee

On Sunday morning I had an unusual experience on 40 m SSB. Lots of local stations about, and I’m happily working them one at a time. I’d call with “QRZ VK3ZPF portable” and I’d work the one I could hear best and then call again. This is the way I work SOTA or WWFF activations. Most chasers pick it up pretty quick that if they are patient they will get in the log. I’m usually running through the dog pile politely at about 1 QSO per minute.

After about 15 minutes the pile has thinned and I hear one station, very strong signal, simply announce his callsign prefix - “VK5”. I work a different station and again “QRZ VK3ZPF portable”. Again he replies with “VK5”. I work another station and same again. This went on 6 or 7 times before he either realised I had no interest in calling in a partial call and gave me a complete callsign or he went some place else.

I just don’t get it!

He was hoping you’d be gushing at the thought of a VK5 versus a pile of “locals” that you’d work him. Or maybe he could tell you had a pile up and giving a partial call would help him stand out. Which it did but for all the wrong reasons!

There is only one situation when I will respond to a partial callsign. That is when I am activating a summit and someone sends “/P”. That is an indication that there is the possibility of an S2S contact, so I will ask the pile-up to QRX and invite the “/P” station to call again.

Otherwise, partial callsigns are ignored. So are callsigns ending in “/QRP”.

Walt (G3NYY)

I am dyslexic and dyslexia does not only involve spelling and those with the problem will sometimes say things in reverse (or quite often as in my case). I am referring here to signal reports, a 9 and 5 is easily understood but not the 0 and 2 which I gave yesterday, it could suggest that I could not hear the activator but the 2 and 0 make things clearer (although I was struggling to hear through the QRN etc on headphones). Sorry to G0WCZ/P on G/SE-011 for any confusion… On the other note, IQ, my 142 has seriously helped my coping mechanisms with the above, but things still get reversed…

73 Steve 2M0SKJ