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Chaser database error

I’m trying to log a chaser contact in the database and I’m getting an error message from the server as follows:

Validation of viewstate MAC failed. If this application is hosted by a Web Farm or cluster, ensure that configuration specifies the same validationKey and validation algorithm. AutoGenerate cannot be used in a cluster.

Is this something I’m doing wrong or a problem with the database?

The entry I’m try to log is:

Assoc: OK
Region: PL
Summit: 003

Is anyone else having problems logging chaser QSOs (I can log activator QSOs ok).

Colin G8TMV

In reply to G8TMV:
I’ve had this a couple of times, Colin, I don’t know what causes it, but if I log out and then back in it clears up.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:

Thanks Brian, that fixed it.

btw, nice to work you from G/SE-013 yesterday