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Chaser Alert: HB9SOTA group activation on Saturday Jan 13

On Saturday Jan 13, 2018, the Swiss SOTA Group HB9SOTA will conduct its annual winter outing. We will have a group activation of HB/AI-008 Faehnerenspitz (which at 1506 meters qualifies for the winter bonus). This was originally planned as a snowshoe tour, but there is virtually no snow in the Appenzell Region at 1500 meters – but we will nonetheless gather for an afternoon of radio fun and afterwards having a beer or two in a nearby village.

We would also like to invite any SOTA activators from other associations to join us – the more the merrier! Most of us should have reached the summit by noon local time.

We will be on the air from mid morning until mid or late afternoon. Keep a watch on the alerts.

Because there will be so many activators on the air, there can easily be confusion – so it is important for chasers to be sure with which station they are having a QSO.

As in the past for such group activations, please help us make certain that every activator gets the required 4 QSOs. If you hear someone calling CQ several times with no response, please jump in and help him/her out.

We look forward to hearing from many of you!

on behalf of HB9SOTA


Thank you Paul, hope to contact you - I have a plan to be on air for S2S :wink:

Jarek, SP9MA

just as a reminder

We did it !
Thanks to Juerg and Matt :wink:
Jarek, SP9MA

We did it to!
F/AM-472 < > HB/AI-008
Thanks all ops!

Gerald, I suppose Jarek only refers to the announcement of the HB9SOTA event and not on OK/MO-010.

For my part (using a MTR5B and trapped EFHW) I was able to work the following participants of the HB9SOTA event on HB/AI-008:

  • Bruno HB9CBR/P
  • Matt HB9FVF/P
  • Peter HB9TVK/P

On my home summit HB/BE-151 (photo) there were a lot of tourists … later came also Rolf HB9DGV together with xyl.
So I was able to see Rolfs multiband doublet with the antique (white) TV feeder (connected to his proven KX1/ATU) in action for the first time.

BTW, Rolf will soon be a well deserved MG.


yesterday on EA2/NV-070 I was very glad to get 4 S2S, all with HB9 stations:

HB9AGO/P on TG-002, tnx Hansruedi
HB9BCB/P on BE-151, very glad to have Heinz back today with FB sigs
HB9CBR/P on AI-008, great to get Bruno from the celebration summit
HB9BAB/P on ZH-015, Jurg in a well known summit again

My wk: LNR LD-5 and trapped EFHW, 5w

A long walk with a lot of soft snow making the climb longer and difficult than usual.
I did a joint activation with Santi EA2BSB. He took a picture of me while calling on SSB

73 de Ignacio


Thanks for the photo Heinz, nice place for activate summit.
I was glad yesterday to have lot of S2S.
13 S2S from F/AM-472 (inverted V dipole and 5 watts out of the FT817)
some photo here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm9dyjQs

within the 13 S2S, 4 were with the HB9SOTA Event:

That was a pleasure for me.
73 Gerald

HB9SOTA on HB/AI-008.

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Hello everybody from the HB9SOTA group,
Nice to had a qso with HB9DQM Manuel and OE9HRV Herbert while my trip to Bartolomäberg for winter vacation as OE/F8CZI/M.
I hope you had a nice day.
Maybe could someone add the qrz on the picture to recognize the people present at the event ?


Laurent de F8CZI

As requested… Merci Laurent pour le QSO sur 2m!


Hello Heinz, I am sorry for missing of some additional explanation in my post: my S2S QSOs with Juerg and Matt were made between HB/AI-008 and OK/MO-010 :wink:
Jarek, SP9MA

I worked also a few stations. It was a busy HB9 weekend. With a lot of points.
Also vy nice picture. And to see the face with the callsigns.

73, Tonnie de PA9CW.

I cant see Juerg HB9BIN. May be the one that hold the camera?
Ps i just notice it is written Jurg behind the camera!