CHASER ALERT: HB9SOTA group activation now August 3 - 4

Hello Chasers!

We are looking at great weather for this weekend (August 3- 4), so our group outing will finally take place. Unfortunately, this is peak vacation time, so many activators have other plans. We’ll see how many show up, but listen for us!

This coming Saturday and Sunday, a group of activators from the HB9SOTA club will take the Chäppeliberg-Spilau cable car and spend the night at the Lidernenhütte alpine hut, from which three summits can easily be reached: Rossstock (HB/SZ-006), Fulen (HB/SZ-005) and Chaiserstock
(HB/SZ-003). During the course of the weekend, ops will be on these summits at various times.

If you hear them please give a call. Listen closely to make sure you know who the operator is because they will be changing ops frequently to allow everyone time on the air. And if you hear someone struggling to get the 4 QSOs, please lend a hand.

Thanks, look forward to working you this weekend.

Paul HB9DST on behalf of HB9SOTA


73 and good luck to you all from our own holidays in Oberallgäu and Kleinwalsertal. Enjoy this corner of our Alps! Saturday is our day for travelling back to HB9.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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Tnx info Paul. I will try for you Sunday when back home from my Vosges / Northern France Tour.

Hope it all goes well, the HB9 SOTA Group are a very prolific and proactive group.

73 de Phil

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Note: The date has now been changed to July 28 due to the weather forecast and a schedule conflict with the USKA National Mountain Day.

TNX for the update Manuel.

73 Phil

Unfortunately we had to postpone the HB9SOTA group activation again due to this:

The new date for the group activation(s) is August 4. Third time lucky? :wink: