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"chased by you"

on erlier version of summit-info i could see an info if i chased this summit with date i chased it. Now if i click the Link of the summits info i.e. in sotawatch2, this info is missing. i see only total activations, first activation an whether i activated the summit. is it possible to show the also if i chased the summit before? an how often?
73 Peter

Hi Peter,
it sounds to me as if you are looking at the old, no longer updated Summits list rather than the new one.

Go to http://sota.org.uk/ log in (with your sota.org.uk, not Sotawatch and not SOTA database, account) and navigate to the summit you want.
Here is an example of these pages and it shows when you activated / chased the summit etc.

73 Ed DD5LP

Hi Ed,

As far as I can see, the link on the SOTAwatch2 page takes me to the correct summit page, even if it has to open a new tab to do it (previously it stayed on the same tab, so I could just hit ’back’ to return). But there is no Chased by you on: on that page.
Perhaps it only shows it if there also is an Activated by You on: line to display?

The page I look at is http://www.sota.org.uk/Summit/DL/AM-060 (chased 4 times).

I can find the information by clicking on Back to AM Region and navigating down to the relevant line – in this case only one page, but sometimes three or four pages.

I agree with Peter that it would be nice to get the information on the first page I reach.

73 … John, OZ4RT

Hi John

I think you are looking at the correct page, but you need to be logged in to see “Chased by you” etc, otherwise it doesn’t know who you are.

Towards the top right of the page, I’m guessing that it says “Log in”…?

EDIT: I see from Peter’s post below that my guess is incorrect! Sorry, just trying to be helpful :smile:


Thanks for all Info and as John (OZ4RT) wrote i couldn’t find this information as well with the tip of DD5LP. Only on the page before ther is an overview about all summits on corresponding district i.e. DM/BW xxx and here i see a columne “my chases”. but if i click the summit, this info is missing also with correct login. I don’t have the same view like DD5LP. My example was DM/BW-016 who DL6FBK/P activated on Sat 09:01.
Greetings, Peter

i’m looking on http://www.sota.org.uk/Summit/DM/BW-016 and i’m logged in as HB9CMI and the picture is:

you see, i’m logged in.
on the overview of DM/BW:

in the last columne there is “chased by you”.
I think there is a problem anywhere.

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Peter, try this…

Log in to www.sota.org.uk and then select “Edit Account”

Update your account details and enter HB9CMI in the alternative callsigns box. In this example it shows I have MM0FMF in my alternative callsigns box.

Then click “Update my settings” to ensure this is saved.

Then go to the summit page http://www.sota.org.uk/Summit/DM/BW-016. Click reload to make sure you see a new page not one in your browser’s cache. The chased by you data should appear. For me, when I remove my alternate callsign info then the chased by you data is not shown. But as alternative callsigns contains my call the data is shown when I view a summit I have chased.

Try this and see if it works.

Hi Andy,

It certainly worked here. I went from SOTAwatch2 --> Website --> Edit Account and added the call. Easy. Thanks a lot.

73 … John, OZ4RT

unbelievable, it works. Thanks Andy (MM0FMF). Confusing is that we have to write once more, in “Alternative” -Callsigns, the one and only callsign we have. Now, highly welcom day, i’m happy. THANKS Andy for this hint.
73, Peter/HB9CMI

The alternate calls feature was really for UK callsigns which have these extra letters (M0FMF, MM0FMF, MW0FMF, MD0FMF, MJ0FMF, MU0FMF). I didn’t think it should be needed for calls like yours which don’t change. However, the website software is not finished yet and the new SOTAwatch is still under construction. This is probably an artifact of the incomplete nature and will be resolved when the finished software is deployed. But for now, your problem is resolved. Result!

So it looks like if you activated or chased with a prefix before your normal callsign, there is no match and hence it won’t display the “by you” listings. I can understand that being the case and it’s great that there’s a feature to add alternative callsigns - I’ll have to go and add my other callsigns into my website account.


I added callsigns to my profile ok, but it will not accept a change of email address despite saying changes have been saved.

You need to tell Jon. Use the contact form on that website to tell him of the problem and he can fix it for you.


Since it worked with you in the first place, you must have had your callsign in the Alternative Callsigns box already ??

73 … John

Yes I had my VK2JI and G8GLM callsigns already in the alternative callsigns.
The example I chose however was a summit where I had chased and activated under my “sota.org.uk account call sign” DD5LP, so no alternative callsigns were needed in any case.

What I have now done is gone and added the CEPT combinations I have used during activations, namely OE/VK2JI and I/VK2JI.


But not DD5LP. That indicates that there just has to be something in the box for it to work.
So I put 5P4RT in the box (removed OZ4RT, who is the one logged on), and it still worked.


Which is not required. The alternative call is for UK stations and the way UK RSL callsign letters work. CEPT is handled. It seems that something is needed in the box however but not CEPT prefixing.

Hi John,
If you look at the example I posted above (at “chased by you” ) you will see it is for DD5LP - my “default call sign” - the /P at the end is not important and is not used by the system to find the “activated by you on, and chased by you on” data.

If there is nothing in the additional call signs box in the account profile at sota.org.uk - the system (as far as I know) looks based on the call sign you logged into sota.org.uk with - or are you saying this is not working? I don’t have dd5lp in the additional callsigns box by the way.

73 Ed.

I don’t understand this “alternative callsigns” stuff. It seems neither necessary nor sufficient to solve the problem.

All SOTA contacts accrue to an individual, regardless of callsign used. That is represented by logging the contacts in a database account. The database already knows what callsigns a person has used, because they are in the contact records belonging to the account.

The “you” in “Chased by you” must surely refer to the chaser records in a database account. The callsign used for the contact is not relevant.

You cannot reliably determine “Chased by you” by matching callsign. What if the same alternative callsign has been used by more than one chaser? If you match by callsign you will get false positives. Club calls and special event calls are particularly likely to be used by multiple chasers, but even “personal” callsigns can be assigned to different people at different times.

Martyn M1MAJ