Yet makes me laugh
call call call

SQ9PND/P on SP/BZ-036

Takes twice s long to get through you all because of qrm thats not really needed.
Please one call and wait till QRZ is called again by SOTA station.
and you be surprised how quickly Qso’s will flow

Sorry folks for this one
Even losing my rag this morning

Gentleman lets rise above this .


Also Karl have you noticed how it seems that “Italy Zuly” stations seems to to be really shouting loudly and over powers everyone else? I’m sure they have modified megaphones, and wired them to their tranceivers.

Ah, always wondered about their poor audio. :wink:

Karl, you should get yourself another callsign, as there are at least two other stations with the call sign “M3FEH”. I heard them on Saturday when we had qso. I asked for M3FEH only and they were shouting…
I’m Brian and so is my wife, haha!


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There’s also a lot of sending only part of a call sign repeatably. I know Hans 9H3BT made a stern comment “give me your complete call sign !” to one station. Good luck to Milosz SQ9PND, I’d have packed up and left the summit by now with so many people calling while he’s already working someone.

OK had enugh for now, going to dig a path through the snow here and take the dog for a walk.

73 Ed.

2M FM… I never have any trouble. Very nice polite people who wait their turns while I have a chat with folk…

Joking aside, I realise this doesn’t suit many people (activators and chasers), but the difference in behavior is very noticeable.


Not hear that bit :smile:
Another call, don’t work like thats the one, one is allocated with :wink:
Oh yes DM/TH828 :slight_smile:

So with todays ado went down the local coffee shop had a nice sausage roll with veg and a lovely Banana milk shake with the other half .


I’m with you Gerald.

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I’m told that things are much better on CW, too. :slight_smile:

We have a procedure that is, sadly, underused. If activators get too much grief from alligators then they can send their complaints to me. If an alligator is being a real pain then I email him and warn him (notice its always “he”!) that he is causing problems for the activators, and that if he carries on causing problems then we can block his access to the database, initially on a temporary basis as a warning but thereafter we are prepared to remove him from the database and dump his scores. There is no point for these people to continue their bad behaviour if they are not going to get credit for their contacts!

Certain hams (no names, no pack drill, as the old saying goes) have been warned and have improved their behaviour. So, activators, send in your complaints and we can try to get rid of the worst excesses of the alligators. As for the phantom contacts, if there are too many confirmation stars missing from contacts when an award is asked for, that award will not be issued.


You were transmitting by that time. :wink:
To state it: They weren’t actually using your call sign but calling when I asked for M3FEH.

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My activations on SSB go quickly and efficiently circa 3-4 qso’s/per minut if “chasers team"
has the discipline :)).Don’t need to call me during the QSO but only after my"qrz” please.
Sooo I always send for example “station XXYYZZZ one moment please standing by”…etc…
Vy 73 de Rob.

Personally i have (especially on 20m) started to wait until the “Zoo” quietens down. Every chaser depending on antenna system /power will get through eventually . let the big boys/alligators /power mongers have there fun :slight_smile:
As they say patience is a virtue .

That’s the best way I’ve found so far, let the zoo calm down, then I get my call answered.


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There are, of course, delivered QRM makers, people willing to boycot a SOTA activation and chasers which are not good operators but, IMHO, the way the activator handles the pile-up, often determines the way the chasers behave. The longer the time the activator takes to pick a callsing off the pile-up and complete a QSO, the more the chasers anxiety, the breakers and the multiple calling plus tail ending.
A too slow operator will desperate the chasers, while an efficient one working the pile-up at a good steady pace, not wasting time, not giving chances to breakers respecting and making everyone respect the simple unwritten rules of the game called pile-up is the best way to have respectful, patient and helpful chasers.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF.

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Introducing a new saying here.

What One does not catch today.
One will chase another day.

They will be back to taunt us on another day.
So don’t despair.
Tomorrow is another Sota chasing day.

Remember the chase can be more fun than the catch :smile: