Channel Islands 10.08. - 24.08.2019

We will spend two weeks on the Channel Islands:
10.08. - 13.08. on Jersey, perhaps activating GJ/JE-001 as MJ/DK7MG/P
13.08. - 17.08. on Guernsey, perhaps activating GU/GU-002 as MU/DK7MG/P
16.08.(?) on Sark, perhaps activating GU/GU-001 as MU/DK7MG/P
17.08. - 24.08. again on Jersey and I will activate GJ/JE-001 only if I could not do that during the week before.
Preferred bands are 30 m, 20 m and 40 m but - if time and space allow and if my antenna is good enough - I will also try 60 m (5354.5 kHz).
I will try to update my alerts according to my latest plans.

73, Andy DK7MG



I expected that you will visit Channel Islands National Park in US. But Jersey and Guernsey in Europe are also good DXs. Good luck with SOTA activations.

73! Oleh