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Change of callsign on reflector

Would one of the admins be good enough to change my callsign to 2E0XJM please.

I don’t think I can change it myself?


It’s in the FAQs - link above.

Hi Tom,

I must be missing something. In the FAQ linked above at http://www.sota.org.uk/Joining-In/FAQs

Q: I have just changed my callsign. How do I change this on the SOTA Database and SOTAwatch?

But no mention of the reflector that I can see

In the reflector FAQ that is on the ‘hamburger’ menu at https://reflector.sota.org.uk/faq, I can’t see it mentioned at all.

So I searched reflector and found people asking for it to be changed, and having it changed by an admin? Is this not the process anymore?


OK, you may have a point. I think I was in that dangerous pre-2-cups-of-coffee part of the morning and was thinking “old reflector” (=SOTAwatch) when I read your question. And it looks like we need to add this to the FAQ to keep it comprehensive.

On this “new” (Discourse) reflector, you can change your username. Click on your avatar, then click on the gear-wheel (Preferences). Then click on the edit pencil next to your username - and change it.

I don’t get a pencil next to my username? Could this be a permissions issue? Or am I in the wrong place?

No, you will need to wait of one of the moderators to change your username. This is the way to go as far as I know.

73 Joe

OK, fair enough. I saw that facility on my account, but didn’t think it might be an Admin-only privilege.

I’ve done the deed!

I know you might think “Well why didn’t you do that in the first place?”. But I prefer to show how people can sort their own stuff out in order to stem the flow of requests to the MT. I didn’t realise this one was not possible.

Thanks Tom,

I realised what you were doing, don’t worry. One of my roles is to supervise an IT service desk, I do exactly the same thing!


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Jim, I think the account change privilege comes at a slightly higher “trust level” than “basic user” that you start out at. You’ll get upgraded automatically with use, opening up a few more facilities.

@G0CQK Jim can say for sure.

After discussion with Jon and Andy, quite some time ago we set it so it requires admin privileges to change a username. The alternative is to allow anyone to change their username to anything they wish and the belief is that we want to keep it to valid call signs only.