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Change of callsign (on Reflector)


Thanks and 73 Andy!


hi Andy, I wonder if you could change mine as well please. I have recently progressed to a full callsign, MW0LGE.

Many thanks.



You are now MW0LGE. If logged in you should log out and then log in as MW0LGW


many thanks Jim :slight_smile:


Many congrats Richie. You have been studying the books while I have been sauntering up the hills as usual with my M6 call sign (and getting a few replies!) Seems a long time since our winter s2s, I hope we chat again before too long (possibly in the winter bonus season??)

73 Viki M6BWA


cheers Viki. Yes, I decided I wanted to get it out of the way, so booked myself on the Bath distance learning course, with some help from GW3NWS (Ross). I have only managed two activations since our s2s, but very enjoyable none the less :slight_smile: My first HF was yesterday (sunday). Anyway, hope you are well and look forward to the next qso on the air :slight_smile:

atb Richie. MW0LGE


Hi I would be grateful if you would change my callsign to M0NDT. I also have been on the Bath Distance Course. I hope (fingers crossed) that this will preserve my bookmarks.

Dave M0NDT


You are now M0NDT. If logged in you should log out and then log in as M0DNT. The only things that are not revised to your new call sign are references to your previous call sign that have been set or embedded as text - mainly references to your old call sign by others or where you have used your previous call sign as part of the text when signing off a post.


Thanks, that was painless!



Could you change my log-in please?

From M6KOP to 2E0PGO. I’m now an intermediate.

Many thanks,


2E0PGO or 2E0GPO


Changed to 2E0GPO based on your QRZ update. If that anagram of G P and O is wrong then both need to be changed.


Hey there, I recently became KE6MT (formerly K7RJV). Is it possible to get my username changed? Thanks!



Done, you are now KE6MT.




Changed my call sign to K7FOP. Can I have it changed on the SOTA reflector? Doesn’t look like I could do it on my own. Found this older thread.


Done. You probably will need to log out and in again.


Just a quick reminder. If you change your call sign as seems to happen mostly in the US and the UK, please do not delete your existing account and create a new one. Simply post a request here. If you delete your existing account your existing posts will be lost.


Would it be possible to change my callsign from M6IME to 2E0IME. I am hopefully going for my full license soon so might need it changing again in the near future.

Thanks, Andrew, 2E0IME


Done as requested