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Change of antenna

hi friends,

the last time i made many interesting tests with the propagation on the
higher bands. the use of qrp again allows me to use all bands from 30 to
10m with a small antenna tuner like a z-match. it is much more work to
build and carry one symetric tuner for qro.and its a new challenge for me :slight_smile:
i will change now to a smaller antenna in my next activations which gives
me a better performance on higher bands. its a only 2 times 7m long up&outer.
i can change from a inv.v. config to a vertical in about 5 minutes .

maybe i will stop my activity on 80m then a few weeks long, but first i will
try with this ant. but i think its more like use a dummyload :slight_smile:
think the ant was good for 30,20 and 17m due to the length. i also choosed
30m for the band i like most of all.

and about the discussion here about spotting service or not. yes,
if you see sota as “only qualify a summit” thing, than you need no
sotawatch. but if you want qso´s with many chasers on different bands…
monotoring only 2m or 5mhz can work without any sotawatch spot,
but in the last activations i work on 7 hf-bands with nice sporadic-e
and i found the use of spotlite very usefull !
but it would be nice to have some more spots when i´m qsy to the next band,
because its a not so easy thing, to type in the spots via the gsm.

i have much fun with the experimentation of the propagation via sporadic-e
with sometimes deep and fast qsb.ok, i´m only qrp but sometimes the sigs
come up to real s9 and more.yesterday on dm/bw-255 i was not real qrp, because
i use 10watts on cw and the full 15watts on ssb from the k2.but the use
of multibands allows me to log 111qso´s on bw-255 with less power output.
these qsorates are in the range of my qro activities.
in one of my last activities i worked GM4FAM on every band from 40 to 10m
include the warc´s . and yesterday also close to me stations as LX1NO with real and big 599+ on 40m came back to my call.the muf rising so high that i have
some bigger 9+30 sigs from OE on 20m.also have a nice opening into the uk
on 20m.
in my next activations have a look on 30,17,12m which are very interesting
to me. who´s the first ssb contact with a chaser on 17m ? so , lets
see how the shorter antenna works and hope see you in my log !

vy 73 and cu from the summits

klaus DF2GN

In reply to DF2GN:
Go for 10/12 meters CW!

In reply to DF2GN:
At this QTH, almost daily and beginning around 9am until sometime past midnight, the noise from neighbourhood TVs averages S7 across 14Mhz. Where it is not S7 the peaks are S9+10db so I’m very glad that the culprit devices are not next door. Thanks to SOTAwatch and your use of Spotlite I managed to hear and work you on 14 SSB and CW yesterday on DM/BW-255. A very different but steady S3 noise blankets 28Mhz. Thanks also to your use of Spotlite, I found you 539 on 28.032 for a few minutes but for some reason you did not hear my calls. A SOTA qso on 28Mhz would have been a first. Congrats on your antenna work and thanks for the many SOTA contacts. 73 de EI2CL