Chance to increase the number of chaser uniques in F/PE (and reports)

From 21.12. I will be in Saint Pierre La Mer near Narbonne (F/PE) for 2 weeks.

On the way there on Wednesday, I plan to take my lunch break at Bois Redon F/CR-263 and activate the summit… (it would be a complete for me)

Otherwise I will hike more often in the backcountry and activate some F/PE summits. There will probably also be a few first activations.

A good way to increase the number of chaser uniques :wink:

73 Armin


Hi Armin,

From Christmas until New Year, I’ll be on the other side of the Pyrenees, in EA3.

I probably will not have a lot of (free) time for SOTA, but I will definitely make room for some few activations.

So maybe, if we’re lucky, we’ll hear each other on 40m or 60m?

Have a good trip and enjoy your holidays!

73 Stephan

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Now I have activated the first Summits:

Plan de Roques F/PE-391 is a military facility. The access is closed. We walked up and were then also promptly addressed.
We then turned back and I activated the Summit on the edge of AZ but out of sight of the military.
A strange feeling remains nevertheless and I was somehow glad as I was again on the way back.

Mont St Clair F/PE-392 is a lookout point with parking lot.

For Roc d’Anduze F/PE-322 you can park very well at the ruined monastery at 43.48722, 3.72622. You can walk a longer way over a gravel road or shorten it over trails, for which you better have hiking shoes on.

This afternoon I try to get on the Coffre de Pech Redon F/PE-390…

That would be a first time activation.

73 Armin


A nice pair of easy summits though it was in the mid-30s when I did them one October. There are hundreds of these gems down in that part of France.


For the activation of Coffre de Pech Redon F/PE-390 (the highest elevation in the Clape Mountains), I parked at 43.15414, 3.07924 before entering the winery. After a few minutes you have the mountain in front of you.

The road passes by the winery. The path is otherwise as plotted in SOTL.AS. The last part of the trail is steep but well passable. There are probably always people up there, we found a geocache. :blush:

At the top it has a marker.

73 Armin


Today there was the first activation of Sommet du Geys F/PE-389.

Actually, you could even go up by car… but we parked at 43.12042, 2.77337 and walked up.

73 Armin

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Thank you Armin for the S2S today! I uploaded some pics to SOTLAS.
Seems like I had sunnier weather on the other side of the Pyrenees, but the wind at the top was very strong. Fortunately I found a sheltered place.

73 Stephan

Today was the first activation of Mont Ségonne F/PE-387.

We were on a small road south of Oupia looking for a nice place to park and start hiking. Suddenly (at about 43.28294, 2.76613) there was a road leading to the summit. It was probably set up for a construction site. We didn’t see any prohibition signs anywhere.

Above is again a watchtower against forest fires:

Along the ridge there are many wind turbines … maybe one will be built here too?

73 Armin

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Today were the first activations of F/PE-232 and F/PE-382

F/PE-232 is a recommendation. It is easy to approach and has a beautiful view of the Pyrenees and other summits.

At the top there is a transmission station near which you can set up large wire antennas.

You drive via Tuchan. Mont Tauch is signposted and the way up is paved. There is good parking at the junction to the summit at 42.9038, 2.68183. It’s an easy 40 min. walk.

F/PE-382 is in bushland and nothing special… except maybe the approach. A four-wheel drive with higher ground clearance is recommended. I drove up from the D39 and down to the D611. The gravel road to the D 611 via Col de Lès was in better condition.
I parked at 42.93086, 2.72981. It was a 20 min walk from there.

73 Armin


Today there were the first activations of F/PE-245 and F/PE-236.

For Caimon F/PE-254, you can park at Col de Usclats at 43.45996, 2.68275. It is then a half-hour walk to 43.46957, 2.6761. Then it goes steeply uphill to the right. The summit itself is in the forest.

Highlight was the S2S with I6/ON5XX/P who had also made a first activation on I/MC-127. A spontaneous S2S QSO of 2 first activations… and the S2S with IN3ADF/P on I/AA-195 that made me pass the 10,000 point milestone of my S2S points.

For Sommet de Coste Raste F/PE-236 it is best to park at 43.4262, 2.65541. It is a short walk… here too the activation zone is in the forest.

73 Armin

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