Challenge Activator 2017?


I have interest if this year 2017, there is Challenge Activator.???



There is no challenge for 2017 yet. What may happen is that there may be a series of “challenge weekends” or “challenge months” when a particular theme of operation will take place. The challenge idea has to be something that appeals both to activators and chasers. Personally I haven’t seen any challenge ideas suggested yet that I think are viable for activators and chasers and would work in all the world. (Or I have not seen such a suggestion if it has been made.)

If the plan is to have multiple small challenges, we don’t have to be all-things-to-all-people for each, which might give a bit more latitude.

Possible ideas (purely at random):

  • 1 Watt Weekend (Xmitter output limited to 1 watt or less - any antenna)
  • Double Days of Dipoles (activator antenna must be a type of dipole)
  • Vertiginous Vertical Challenge (activators use only vertical antennas)
  • Digital Daze (activators use digital modes only)
  • Spot-Me-Not Weekend (activators go without spotting)
  • Support Your Local Drive-up (activators take advantage of “drive up” summits and pack more powerful/heavier equipment - might be fun with conditions being what they are)
  • Can You See Me Now? (SSTV weekend/month)
  • Utter Kit-tastrophe (activators use homebrew, kit, or hacked radios)
  • Straight Key Capers (activators [and chasers?] use only straight keys for CW
  • 2 Band Bonanza (try to work activators on 2 bands during a given activation)
  • SOTA Rig in Your Own Back Yard (A chaser challenge - use your summit SOTA setup at your home QTH on portable power)
  • SOTA Mentor Month (find another ham who’s never done a SOTA activation and bring them along)
  • QSO Bingo (We make a randomly generated grid of letters and numbers, and operators try to fill in a horizontal or vertical line in the grid using only numbers and letters from callsigns with completed QSOs - how soon can you complete?)

Just some random thoughts. None will be perfect, but it’s all supposed to be fun. If you can’t participate in one, something will come along that suits. If you don’t want to participate at all, just operate normally! :slight_smile: I see the challenges as a way to encourage people to go a bit outside their comfort zone or stimulate them to try a new bit of equipment.


That kind of idea fits in with what I was thinking. Small events that you can buy into easily that can be repeated or not. If you don’t like the event you do something else. But they may encourage people to try something new.

I certainly will be doing some data activations this year. It looks like a cheap tablet will be viable JT9/JT65 modes and so I’ll try that when the WX improves a little here. Not every activation, just now and then and probably on 80m/30m. I have resurrected an old NJ-QRP PSK-80 Warbler to use with the tablet which will give me a minimal data station to try.

Way to go, Bruce! These are a lot of great ideas for SOTA fun and promoting portable SOTA operations. I will contact you directly on how we might incorporate these ideas into our NA SOTA efforts. Thanks! Guy/n7un

How abt a 60 Meter Challenge?
73 de HB9BIN, Juerg

My favourite band, but even so I don’t think the time is right for a 60 metre challenge just yet. Too many countries as yet have no or restricted access to the band. Even in the UK which is one of the pioneering countries only full licence holders have access. Perhaps in a few years time…