Not sure if I ever shared this photo here before.


I think he should keep well clear of Minny the Ferret who I met being walked on GM/SS-167 last month…


Our echdinas look very spiky, but are usually very timid. I spotted this one when climbing VK3/VN-028 recently. I tried hiding behind the tree. I caught him when he looked to see if I had gone. Captured via the smart phone.

I have not figured out why the image gets rotated 90 degrees when I upload. I cropped and rotated with an image editing tool, but upload it and it gets rotated back… Confused.

Edit: Thanks Andy & Jim - now fixed thanks to GIMP. Peter.


I use GIMP on Windows and Linux. It reads the EXIF data from pictures and that says if the camera was rotated when the picture was taken. I get the chance to rotate the image so it looks OK on the monitor and I think you can have it so that it saves the image back rotated the other way. The next time you load it then it comes up correct. Or you can have it rotate the image for display on the fly, the version of disk is always rotated but the display is correct.

It may be that the software you are using to rotate the image is not updating the Orientation parameter in the photo Exif.

Thanks Andy & Jim,
I will download and install GIMP and see if it helps.

Believe it or not Peter, the Photos program in Windows can rotate the picture and it does update the exif data so the next time you open it, it’s in the updated orientation.


Very nice!

And everybody should keep well clear of the guy in picture that I met on 25NOV2015, climbing to CT/BL-002, Serra da Lousa…

This is the stuff in amateur radio that only SOTA could provide!