Central Oregon Rafting Trip - W7O/CE-237

I’ve posted a trip report with a few photos over on PNW SOTA:


It was an amazing trip. I didn’t get as much time to play radio as I had hoped, but did get one really amazing hike / activation in.

Thanks for being there chasers! Despite technical difficulties, we still managed to get it done. Much appreciated.

I think I’ve tracked the problem with my QCX down to transistor Q6 (MPS2907). I’m awaiting a replacement and hopefully my QCX will be back to normal operation soon!




Wow, surprised you were able to reach someone on 2M up there. I was lucky when I did Indian Springs Butte and Strawberry Mtn last year south of that area - it was during the solar eclipse and there were a ton of peeps up there - and lots of activity on 2M :wink: Would love to get back into the John Day river area again soon. Years ago I used to head up into that area for SolWest weekend, and then spend time camping/exploring the river. Thanks for the trip report. Nice write up! 73, Todd KH2TJ

Thanks Todd - I was surprised as well, I thought the activation was doomed! That is an awesome area - definitely want to get back out there again some time.

Hope we see you and your wife again this summer at Salmoncon.