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Center of Activity on 80m CW?


I am not so familiar with 80m. At home I have no antenna for this band, from summits I have activated 80m just once.

Is there a center of activity for SOTA CW on 80m, anything like 7.032 or 10.118? Weeding through the spot frequencies of previous activations did not give a complete picture. 3.557 and 3.558 each appeared once in the last 72 hours.

Any other suggestions where to try?

73 Heinz

In reply to OE5EEP:

Hi Heinz

In the UK most 80m cw activity is around 3.558 for sota. Good luck.


In reply to OE5EEP:

Hello Heinz

There is very little SOTA CW activity on 80m but the main users of this band, John GX0OOO/p, Tom M1EYP/p, Klaus DF2GN/p and Fritz DL4FDM/p, keep to the original idea of looking for SOTA activity a couple of KHz away from the recognised QRP calling frequencies.

Around 3556-3558 KHz is the most popular (3558 is often in use by members of FISTS)