Celebrating World Radio Day on Monte Autore I/LZ-301

Today is World Radio Day, an initiative launched by Unesco to remind everyone of the beauty and uniqueness of this means of communication and I decided to celebrate it with a beautiful Sota activation in the mountains of Lazio. Together with a group of friends we went to the Simbruini Mountains, about an hour and a half drive from Rome where it is possible to find some very beautiful mountains. Together with them we walked for about 10 km making a path ring that also included the Autore mountain, listed on Sota I / LZ-301 (1.854 mt. high) peak that was worth activating. We found a lot of snow mixed with ice all along the way and the weather was not great, covered with a strong cold wind.

At the top I mounted my fishing rod, used as a random wire antenna mount, and installed my usual Ft-817 Qrp station along with the Atu-100. I only did 8 QSOs on 20 and 30 meters, the cold was intense and I didn’t want my friends to have to wait on this windy peak. After the QSOs we continued our walk and around 16 local we returned to Rome. Overall a nice activation, perhaps too fast but with the pleasure of connecting friends in CW (F4WBN, EA2DT, DL1FU to name a few) and to breathe a splendid mountain air.


Many thanks for nice report !

I tried to S2S, called but failed :frowning:

73, Jarek OK8MA / SP9MA


What a great way to celebrate World Radio Day, Andrea! Thanks for sharing your report.



sorry but “local” qrm on the summit and few time to active was the mood of today…

73 And IW0HK

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Many thanks and will wait for next occasion :wink:

73, Jarek