Celebrating my 69th birthday

I turned 69 yesterday and celebrated Guru style by activating EA7/GR-069. A cold and windy but sunny day. Some images:

Ice on the access road.

and also on the walk.

the endfed, in the background Sierra Nevada
First QSO, S2S with Albert @HB9BCK, 3 minutes to get it.S2S with Albert (HB9BCK) - YouTube

In the shack sheltered from the wind, see lower left corner.

Panoramic to the NE.

Finally 68 qso, 7 S2S.
73 José


Happy Birthday José! Thanks for the S2S yesterday. It was a real struggle to hear you but I think we got there!

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Happy birthday Jose :champagne: :wink:
Missed you yesterday, I called you on 60m maybe for the QSO#69, but no result !
73, Éric


Hello José

… my faithful chaser

I also wish YOU a very happy birthday…
and ME many S2S with YOU… :wink: :blush: :beers:

73 Armin

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Happy Birthday José!
73 Fabio

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Yes, I should have said thanks for chasing me so often (47 times so far).

I’ve noticed that you have logged our QSO yesterday against the wrong band. It was on 10MHz, not 5MHz.

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Happy Birthday as well from my side, José.
It is always a pleasure working you. You are #6 on my chaser list.
Here you soon agn.

73 de Klaus

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Felicidades tambien de mi parte José y muchas gracias por el S2S ayer!

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Felicidades José!
Eres un cazador muy confiable y, por lo general, el primero en recibir mis llamadas en las bandas más altas.
Estaba más feliz con el S2S en tu cumpleaños.
73 Chris

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Hi José,
Happy birthday and thanks for the qso today.

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Hello Jose,
Happy Birthday! Sorry we didn’t make it across the pond. Another time.
Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV

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Happy Birthday Jose! Nice report. You have one turn less than me on your tank coil OM… :grinning:

73 Phil


Happy Birthday José. ¡Feliciades José! Buena forma de celebrarlo.


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Muchas felicidades José, good idea to keep this birthday tradition in the mountain!
Take care 73 Ignacio

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Happy Birthday Jose :champagne: :birthday:

Thank you for so many QSOs :wink:

73, Jarek

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Happy Birthday! :beers:

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Happy birthday!

Ken K9EZ

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Happy birthday José. Always nice to work you.


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¡Happy Birthday, José!

Andy, N4LAG

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¡Feliz cumpleaños, José!

And many thanks for the many chases!

Have fun and 73, Stephan

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