Carnedd Llewelyn report: 07/03/11

Picked a great day to take off work weather wise.
Road works on the A55 J23 East and West bound slowed me down a bit though. It took longer than normal due to a broken down bus just before single lane traffic. Road works will be there for another couple of weeks or so and traffic backs up quite a bit at rush hour.

I took the short route for the first time, straight up the water works road past Ffynnon Llugwy reservoir up to Bwlch Eryl Farchog.

On reaching the summit I heard Barry MW6BDV/P on Glyder Fawr, just across the valley so it was a nice start to get a S2S in the log first.

After setting up my J-Pole with a 2m FM handie at half a watt I proceeded with a steady stream of callers.

Another S2S came with GW8NZN/P on NW-054.

I then had a visit from a RAF S&R helicopter which buzzed the summit several times before landing close by on the summit. A good opportunity to test my new DSLR camera.

After that I turned to 30m. I have ignored 40m CW for some time now due to the huge pile ups these days but I was quite surprised by the little pile up I had on 30m.

To compound my rusty CW the intermittent fault on my mini paddle resurfaced much to my embarrassment and frustration. Thank you to the chasers for your patience.

After only a couple of calls on 20m CW a group of walkers arrived and I chatted to them for a while before deciding to call it a day and pack up.

Thanks to “Mike” G4BLH and Bern HB9CUE for the spots. Nice day out with plenty of sunshine.

I have posted some photos on Flickr Flickr: The Summits on the Air Photo Pool Pool

Roger MW0IDX

In reply to MW6BDV:
Doh, of course Glyder Fawr, your correct in my log though. Thanks for the heads up. Great weather wasn’t it. Enjoy your day out today.
Roger MW0IDX

In reply to MW0IDX:
Hi Roger. It was nice talking to you again. Dont tell the plane spotters but it looks like 22 Squadron (RAF Valley) have changed their helicopters from yellow Seakings to this gray one. This is not one of the blue and yellow ones of S.A.R.T.U that Prince William trained on either. Do you have any ideas? Having worked with the Seaking helicopters on many occasions,as part of my job,it will be a pity to see them go.

In reply to 2W0CYM:

Bell 412