Can't you just tell

…I am planning to activate GW/SW-002 Waun Fach on Sunday?

It’s been dry for ages around here (SW/WB), dust not mud on most summits. Planning to do Waun Fach, renowned for it’s boogy flat top, and today it has been raining all day. There were lakes on the road driving in at 7.30am, so already had been raining for some time.
On the plus side it’s alleged to be dry weather and wind free on Sunday.

For past 24hrs we have had solid rain fall here in SE Cornwall.
And top of kit hill was a tad boggy in places up there last Tuesday.
Hate to think what it is like now .


Good training for when you venture further afield then Steve. There lots of GM summits with boggy tops, boggy ascents and boggy descents just waiting for you to visit. Then there’s Galloway ground… :wink:

All the best for your activation.

73, Gerald G4OIG

I think we might have seen the last of our nice reasonably long dry spell.
This year, all of our last weekly evening training walks up Skirrid for a couple of months or more have been in off road lightweight trainers, including this Wednesday.
Boots next week I suspect.

Did the Eastern Fannichs at Easter I think it was, whenever it was there was still a good avalanche warning for the area. The approach for that was abysmal. Taking a gondola next time!

You should have gone out then! :wink:

I have ordered some dry and sunny weather for next Mon/Tue as I’ll be in the near of Exmoor uniques bagging and hoping for some S2S action with Phil G4OBK&Geoff 2E0NON who will be across the Bristol Channel in South Wales.

So far the forecast is looking “proper bo’”.

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Thats so 90’s Andy :wink:


I like to keep up with the modern phrases the kids of today use :wink:

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Dear Andy

The weather is horrible today. Utterly vile and objectionable.

As the architect of the 6/10 Challenge, can you please cancel today from the Challenge and replace it with tomorrow, which looks significantly better? You see I wanted to pile on some QSO points today and try to find some new unique QSO partners using PSK, but the weather is far too horrid even for me.

What’s more, my nearest competitor in the G activator Challenge table, Simon G4TJC is QRV in Wales and collecting multipliers. It is very important therefore that all his QSOs today are deemed null and void due to the inclement weather, and that I am allowed to utilise tomorrow as my last day of this Challenge period.

I trust in your cooperative response.


Tom, if Simon is in South Wales then trust me, he is enjoying the sunshine and fine weather. NOT.


The rain radar says it’s just got drier in SW where Phil G4OBK and Geoff 2E0NON are activating.

I am sure the rain radar is wrong Andy. Phil OBK is out there soaking up the rain. Unfortunately his 2m FM isn’t making it to Northampton, I therefore sent the rain over because he isn’t doing 7MHz which means I have no chance of those summits as Completes. . . :wink:

I think rather than changing the times I should just “adjust” Simon’s log. He’s already bagged a 10m QSO with ZD7 when I couldn’t, so collecting multipliers when it’s too wet even for you to go out does seem to be a little OTT :wink:

Ah, I see. You’ve been doing the old rainmaker dance. I was going to offer you some SC/SW summits as I may well do some 40m trigpointing whilst out but you have already completed them. However, there’s the chance of an SB you’ve not chased yet which may get some 40m attention in the next few days…

I think it’s actually stopped raining now in IO82NA, though the sky west looks pretty dark and dismal.

You had the chance for three of them on Wednesday.


The rain radar says it’s just got drier in SW where Phil G4OBK and Geoff 2E0NON are activating

Yes, it has. I can just get them from home as they are QRO.
They did not need to use the brolly on SW-025 and they might just stay clear of it on 24 and 30.


Ah don’t you just love the Galloway terrain, best done in the very wet season because when you have had enough of the torture and want to give up the bogs will swallow you up and that’s that. Unless of course you stand on something that doesn’t exist and end up with you leg down between huge boulders. Then there is the sudden change of weather - scorching one minute and chankin ‘n’ dreigh the next. And what about the long walks to gain a single point. And then you get … I could go on. BUT I love the place and it is almost on my doorstep.

73 Neil

P.S. Lovely on the South Ayrshire coast today. :smile: