Can't sign in to Mapping SSO

Trying to upload a track. Says have to sign in. Try to sign in says “cannot acces SOTA SSO server”

That’s why you can’t sign in then. SSO means single sign on and failure to access the SSO server means the map site cannot access the thing that says you are who you claim you are.

Why it can’t do it is the problem. Could be the map site, the SSO site or something in between.

I’ve just checked and I can sign in to SW3 and SOTAmaps. Whatever was wrong is no longer wrong.

Went back and tried again no go. Switched over to Edge and was able to do fine. Weird somethings work in Edge, some in Firefox.

So the issue is something in YOUR setup of Firefox then because my Firefox is working fine.

Yep your right found it. I have an app called Privacy Badger which was blocking the SSO server. Thanks

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