Can't get s2s log to be accepted

Today I had a S2S QSO with AG7GP. When I first built my activator log I had a problem entering this QSO so I skipped it and made a new log with just Amy’s data. I get an error message saying this is a duplicate -see below, but her call is no where in my uploaded log. What did I do wrong? Her uploaded log shows the QSO correctly.

Callsign Summit Date Time Band Mode Other Callsign Other Summit Comment Is S2S? Is Chaser Entry? Duplicate?
NQ7R W7A/AW-001 15/05/2020 18:16 14MHz CW AG7GP W7O/CS-058 :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:

Hi Tom
I would check if it is already stored as chaser QSO. If it is i would delete the chaser entry and try again.

73 Sabrina HB3XTZ

Since we changed to the new database, it’s not anymore necessary the separate upload of the S2S QSOs.
You just upload you activator log and the S2S QSOs will be recognised and automatically taken into account by the database.
Your S2S QSO seems to be already in the database and that’s why you get it as a duplicate when you try to enter it again manually.
Why you don’t see it in your S2S log is something I can’t explain right now, but I’m sure there’s a reason for that.

Guru (still in bed. It’s 7 AM)

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I was looking into your chaser entries and see no entry.
Are you uploading csv or adif?

Think in the csv file upload there is an issue when uploading a second time for the same summit+day combination.
Maybe try the ADIF upload. That should ignore duplicate and not have this issue.

73 Joe

Joe, it’s often dodgy to look at someone’s database entries when they report issues as they may have edited and removed some entries by the time they post. What you see is often the result of lots of “finger prodding”.

As Guru says, the new database uploads will enter activator, S2S and chaser QSOs in one pass. This works fine until someone notices they have made an error. If this was an error in the activation records, then the normal action was to delete the activation, fix the file and reupload. Now that the file contains S2S and chaser QSOs, you will get warnings that there are duplicates. The real fix in this case is to delete all the QSOs that were uploaded.

There are several solutions to the problem and all have different levels of messiness to them. One would be when you reload an activation and the S2S and chases are spotted as duplicates, you could have check boxes that say “only upload activation” or “only upload S2S”. Another way is to note which QSOs were uploaded at the same time and then have a “delete everything upload in upload #12345” and let the database clean up so you can reupload.

For now, if when you retry, you get things marked as a duplicate, either delete them because they are in the file you are trying to reupload. Or delete them from the file and upload.

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Accept my appology Andy. I did not want to be rude in any way.

Let’s hope that Tom can get it sorted.

73 Joe

Joe, no problem at all. It’s just often very difficult to know what is really happening (bug, user error, both, alien invasion!) when you can only see the end events.


Hi Andy,

Thank you all for putting up with amateur mistakes. I deleted the log and reloaded a correct one, all seems to be okay.

73 Tom

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