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Can't believe this happened

At 4:56 this morning I heard JJ5OZX/0 Fumie calling CQ Sota, so as the frequency was very noise free I thought yes I must go back to him as there might be a chance of the contact. I was over the moon to hear Fumie come straight back to me so I proceeded to give him my call sign again and my name plus his signal report which was 5/4, On releasing the microphone a DK7 station started calling CQ and totally wiped me out. So thanks very much DK7?. I can not believe you didn’t hear either of us.


Long path QSO Allen. I would drop JJ5OZX/0 an email, (or try to PM via reflector if no email address available) if I were you. If he confirms he got your report then as you got his and gave him yours then you could then count the QSO as valid. Good Yorkshire ears - well done!

73 Phil


Hi Allen,
You can also look here https://sotl.as/summits/JA/NN-245 an wait until Fumie upload his activation log :wink:
73 Éric


But you kept on trying to work JJ5OZX didn’t you? You didn’t just give up?

Quite possiible if he has punishingly strong urban noise!

… but rather unlikely. Who calls CQ on 40m that early in the morning, most likely hopes for DX contacts. So he should hear well enough to copy Allen’s signal.
It is probably rather the ignorance of some fellow hams.
So hopefully Fumie copied yor report and you’re in his log, Allen.

73, Roman

Phil he never got the chance to give me a report mate.

Andy I couldn’t as DK7 was talking to a Romanian station for ages.

Fair enough, looks like a non contact then Allen. Maybe he heard you, gave his report but it was wiped out by the DK7. Iin that case, you never know, your call may appear in his log when it appears (as was said by Eric F5JKK). Low powered SOTA JA stations are very difficult to work by us in northern EU on any band.

73 Phil

You’re not wrong Phil, I couldn’t believe how strong he was but it’s a long time since I’ve heard the floor level at zero for a long time.

Hi Allen,

I think you are not in his log :no_mouth:


Next time

73 Éric

Ok Eric Thanks anyways…I didn’t expect to be but will carry on listening , one never knows.
Stay safe and well mon ami
Best 73

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She had surely operated SOTA from JA/NN-245 on HF-Band at that time with her husband, JA5QJX/0.
He made several QSOs w/ EU.
I will tell them this Hot topic.
Good luck on the NEXT!


Oh I hope he remembers it…Thanks anyways

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