Can't access the summits database today

Is the SOTA Summit database down today? I can’t look up any summits or see any maps today on the SOTA site. Same story on Google Earth. Google won’t show any summits either.


Works for me. seems to have problems here too. No data…

Getting same here, page comes up and says does not exist in data base.

Yet Google works OK if you click on that button ( that,s the blue bit with the four options).


Hi Andy

In the ‘summits mapping project’ I’m not getting a chance to choose a region. Ipad crashes and I have to switch off to reset.

Hope you can get some sort of clue from this…

Allan GW4VPX

Nothing to do with me. The database which people are claiming is broken is working fine. There is one database and this is its address.

Rob DM1CM runs a mapping website (and it’s a wonderful resource) that we link to from every summit info page on the database, every summit info on SOTAwatch and also has a link on the link line at the top of every page on the reflector.

It looks like Rob’s mapping site failed to update this morning. Each morning he fetches a specially formed summits file he uses. I’ve checked and it’s present on the database webserver. I can’t quickly check the logs to see if Rob’s site accessed it this morning or not. Nothing has changed on the database so the file should be the same as yesterday which was valid. Either the database has produced a corrupted file which has crashed Rob’s import or Rob’s site has failed to import the data.

A message to Rob using the contact link on the mapping web site will alert him to the problem. Rob is semi-retired so maybe at home or possibly working, but he probably does more than spend all day wet-nursing his creation. Without anyone letting him know there is a problem he wont be able to fix until he has a look himself.

I can understand non-techincal people using confusing terms but we all have a technical qualification so it would aid everyone involved in running SOTA if you could learn the right names for the sites so you don’t scare the bejesus out of me thinking there is a problem with MY site when the problem is elsewhere. If you specify the correct site then we can get the fault report to the right person quicker.

Database(Andy MM0FMF):
Reflector (this site, Jon GM4ZFZ)
Sota website: (rules and guidlines etc.Jon GM4ZFZ)
SOTAwatch(spots&alerts Jon GM4ZFZ)
Mapping ( Rob DM1CM):
Shop (Barry GM4TOE):

Links to database, maps, website, shop, sotawatch are at the top of every page on this site.

Thank you for your attention.

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Just tried it again via the spotters page

ON/ON-001 clicked on that
then click Sota map
it comes up and says this. in a small Box


Regions , no records match your request ON

But if I click on Google maps works a treat straight into the Google section

Any one else getting this
Hopefully explain this a little better.
Could be our servers playing up.
With VM.
Rest of the Sota page is working a treat.


Thanks Andy

I will send Rob an e-mail to make him aware of the problem.

Allan GW4VPX

I’ve just got home now and was about to do that too. I’ll leave you to do it Allan rather than filling Rob’s inbox.

The problems that I encountered seem to have been resolved so maybe Rob was aware of the issue…it’s working fine now but I will send him an e-mail in the next few minutes.

Allan GW4VPX

Rob’s probably come home from work too and found breakage all over his server! :slight_smile:

OK. Looked briefly at the site at work this afternoon and happened to see this problem for myself. Got home 1/2 hour ago, made a cup of coffee, and sat down to try to find the problem.

I thought at first that my latest code-updates from yesterday had worked some bad magic on the rest of the code, so looked into that. But the exact same code worked OK on the test machine, but not on the live server: so, either the sotamaps database was up the creek, or something stranger… Took a quick look at the associations, regions and summits table in said database (NOT the same as the SOTA database - everybody should be aware of this by now???) and all SEEMED to be OK - data were present and all looked in order. Looked at the update records for importing the SOTA CSV - all OK. Ran a complex SQL query with joins on the data and: FAIL!!!

So, the database was somewhere corrupt. Ran the import routine again, and all is now working OK. Glitch in the works there, somewhere… Just remember: DON’T PANIC!

Finally, all should familiarise themselves with the short list of the various entities in the SOTA family of sites provided there by Andy. Sotamaps uses its’ own database (if you don’t know what a database is, you should do a Google on it…) separate from the SOTA database, so either of them could fail, and the other can keep functioning.

And really finally - if anybody really believes that Google maps is equivalent to sotamaps, that’s like saying that a tool-box is equivalent to a thorough servicing of your car.



Working a treat again.

Thank you to whom ever that was :smiley:



Well, I’d actually had THHGTTG in mind when I quoted that line: I can swear, however, I’ve never been to the Sudan and never served under Kitchener. :older_man:


Well all I am saying is “they don’t like it up em” :smiley:

Well done Rob, the mapping project is such a great tool, its like you have lost an arm when its down.


Just looked through the last 24 hours’ worth of sotamaps server up-time and can see that the server went down during the exact 2-minute period in which the SOTA data was being imported early this morning. That will explain why the database was corrupted - no need to invoke demons or gremlins.

Looks like databases don’t like it up 'em either… :hushed:

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