(Cancelled) Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2020 - SOTA Dinner - 7 pm Friday 26th. June.

As Markus HB9DIZ has raised this in a private email, I thought it time to get this rolling for June. While booking a restauarant for our usual 15-20 attendees should not be an issue, those coming to Ham Radio this year should be thinking about booking their accomodation before it gets difficult and/or expensive.

For the last three years we have used the “Gasthof Zum Goldenen Kreuz” in Pfrungen near Wilhelmsdorf. This is a fine restaurant and also a great place to stay. It is however a good 45 minutes drive away from Friedrichshafen. The advantage is that it’s not far from DM/BW-854 Hoechsten and some people liked to do an activation and then go on to the meal.

This year I would like to use a restaurant nearer to Friedrichshafen and one in or around Markdorf, while being closer to Friedrichshafen would also be close to the other SOTA summit in the area DM/BW-348 Gehrenberg, so a combination of an activation and meal would again be possible.

That just leaves the question Friday evening or Saturday evening?

I realise for some it will be to early to decide if you are going to Ham Radio Friedrichshafen or not. For others it’s an annual trip. Either way please give your preference of evening, so I know which day I need to book a restaurant for.

73 Ed.


Sounds like a great idea!

I would like to come. To me it doesn’t matter if it is Friday or Saturday.

What is the name of the restaurant?

73 de Matthias DO7OX

Hi Matt,
I haven’t decided on the restaurant yet however the one that we used 4 years ago was the Wirtshaus am Gehrenberg - (https://gehrenberg.de ) just down the road from the summit to Markdorf. It was fine then but a little crampt - if we book in advance, they should be able to organise a large table for all of us though. Some of the recent trip advisor reports suggest that in busy times, service suffers, which is why I am still looking at others in the area as well.

73 Ed.

Hi Ed

Thanks for transferring the topic to the reflector and your thoughts. I’d prefer Friday, since this is a good bridge between two working days, Friday and Saturday. “Working” means: attend the show. Or travel on Friday with e.g. a SOTA trip, then the dinner and the show on Saturday. – Sunday is not my day of preference for still being in the town. And I know many people who want to keep Saturday evening for themselves. But this is only my personal view, there are many others.

Considering to attend for the first time, but depending on other decisions.

Last year’s thread was much earlier, so I don’t think it is too early.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Hi Markus,
Yes it needs to be Friday or Saturday night as most people leave the area on Sunday afternoon to travel home.

OK, 1 vote for Friday - what do the others think ??

73 Ed.

Friday suits me best

Hi Ed,

Thanks for taking care of organizing the dinner :+1:
For me: Friday preferred.

73 Joe

Hi Ed,
I wish I could come along, last year was great fun and it was nice to meet other activators on the hill in the afternoon. Unfortunately, we have no Fenstertag this year in Austria, so I can’t come to Friedrichshafen. Willi Kraml and Gerhard Ranftl will be there to give a presentation on the Morserino32:

  73 de I/OE6FEG/P

Sorry to hear you can’t make it this year Matt as the holdays don’t fall to enable a bridging day. Perhaps next year - I think many people only attend every second year or so. For me, I have the luxury that it’s less than 2 hours down the road, although I stay in the area two nightsl, I could actually avoid the expense of the hotel room if I drove in each day, but then I’d lose the opportunity of meeting all my SOTA friends.

Acknowledging the preference for Friday from the other two responders - I’ll wait a few more days but it looks at this stage as if Friday will be the evening again and I’ll go ahead and reserve a table at a restaurant in or near Markdorf.

73 Ed.


Could make it on Friday, but not on Saturday.
Looking forward, Heinz, OE5EEP

It looks like Friday is the favourite, but I’ll keep checking this thread until after the weekend before booking the table(s). I’ll plan for 15 attendees (we can always expend on that if we need to).

73 Ed.

Hi Ed,

thank you very much for organizing the SOTA Dinner again. I will join regardless of the day.
Despite the “Gasthof Zum Goldenen Kreuz” was fine the last years, I would prefer something nearer to Friedrichshafen.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Hello everybody,

i can recommend the Hotel Gerbe restaurant (https://www.hotel-gerbe.de/). It is located in Ailingen, near Ham Radio Friedrichshafen. Food and service impeccable. With car 25 minuten to Markdorf (for an activation of Gehrenberg).

73 de Marcel DM3FAM

Hi Marcel,
Thanks for the suggestion but I will be booking a restaurant nearer to Markdorf and Gehrenberg - a trip 25 minutes away is too far for those wanting to activate and then go to the restaurant. Most likely I will use the one we went to 4 years ago due to it’s closeness to the summit. The food was fine there.

73 Ed.

Hello Ed,

no problem. I already thought that Ailingen is probably too far away. In Markdorf I only know a very good cafe. Not suitable for a meal after a successful SOTA activation HI :slight_smile:

73 de Marcel DM3FAM

OK, I have sent a reservation in just now to the restaurant that we used 4 years ago. The food was good, the only problem was, as I hadn’t reserved enough places that time we were split across several tables, so this time I have asked for one big table from 7 pm on Friday 26th. June. On sending the (online) request, I saw that they are on holiday from TODAY! until the 6th. of March, so I probably won’t get confirmation until March however I don’t expect any problem booking this far in advance.

This is the website for the restaurant https://www.gehrenberg.de/ it’s located on the road down into Markdorf from the SOTA summit on the right-hand side, so is easy to find.
image image

73 Ed.

P.S. this restaurant, Google Maps tells me, is a 16-minute drive from the car park at DM/BW-854 Höchsten and a 6-minute drive from the parking spot (before the restricted forest track) for DM/BW-348. Gehrenberg itself.
So you can activate either before heading down for the evening meal.
P.P.S. everyone pays individually for their food and drink.
P.P.P.S. I am not planning a competition this year - if someone wishes to step up and organise this, please let me know and I’ll make sure all are informed.

(UPDATE: 18/02/2020 - I have confirmation of the table being reserved - I just need an reasonably accurate number of who will attend, to give the restaurant, the week before the meal).

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Event is set in my calendar, I will attend.

73 Jens HB9EKO

Peter and I will attend as well. We are easy as regards the location of the restaurant…

Look forward to seeing you all there + at the SOTA Conference on Saturday at 2.00 in room Austria which I am currently organising.

73, Sylvia OE5YYN & Peter OE5AUL


i will attend … looking forward to meeting you all (again).

73 martin, oe5reo

I have made my travel plans accordingly and will attend.