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Can or how do I edit my manually uploaded log?

I just started chasing SOTAs and when I manually entered log data in the box for “my call” I entered ‘self’ instead of NQ7R. Is this a problem and if so how can I fix it?

Tom NQ7R
Casa Grande, AZ
Pinal County

Log into the Database. Look at the page “My Chaser Log”.

Click on “Download complete log”.

In the spreadsheet file downloaded, make the changes, and save the file.

Delete all your logs from the My Chaser Log page - there’s only 14 of them, so won’t take long.

In the Database, under “Submit log”, use the “Import Chaser CSV” option and upload your saved file.

Thanks for the feedback I’ll give this a try. 73 TomK

Worked great thanks again, plus now I have a properly configured CSV file to use for uploading next time if I want. 73 Tom

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Hi Tom,
I pesume you are entering your log via the webpage. You may wish to look at some applications where it is easier to enter your data offline and then import the created CSV file.

SOTA CSV Editor (http://www.g0lgs.co.uk/soft_info.php?AppName=sotacsveditor) and SOTALog (https://github.com/hb9tvk/SOTALog/releases) are two for Windows, there are several for Android and MAC(in fact SOTALog is available for MAC and Linux as well as Windows) as well, depending what kind of PC/Tablet you are using.

73 Ed.