Hi all guys,
I want to buy a sport camera… But which one ???
I saw one with 60° angle view, but is it enough ??? Does someone use this type of camera and have video to look at ??? the HD 720p distribute by Yonis…
Or a 90° is better ?? But I don’t want these which the video is round off !!!

Thanks for helping…

Maybe be video during the end of February tour in F/MC… with the R4040 (if arrive…)
Best 73

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This is very versatile and reliable. A friend has an earlier model, without problems, for a couple of years. The camera is very tough as well.

Mike G6TUH

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Have at look at the GoPro series of cameras. I have the GoPro2 and really like it. You can shoot video, and stills. Also it’ll do timelapse so you can get some really nice timelapse video from a summit.

Andrew - K1YMI / GM1YMI

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I have got the GOPRO 2 and this is the best camara for the job that you want to use it for, it also comes with water tight houseing if you get the sports package like I did and is so light to work with, mined you I’m still learning on what it can do.

Terry 73s

I bought a GoPro Hereo3 but i didn’t use it yet.
I Will say you next.

In reply to F5UBH: sometimes i’m using my Contour, also for my additional new hobby “Quadrocopter” hihi
73 Peter

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Hi to all,
Thanks for answer… Gopro I don’t like the form… Box :wink:

And Contour like Peter… Yes !!! But My Prime Minister… After the G650c and the R4040 (Not yet arrived !!!) Not sure hiii !!! And it isn’t send with accessories… More and more…

Well I 'll try with my handy cam Sony HDR XR250… Not on the head !!!
Heard you on end February tour in F/MC…

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Hello Tof !
You can watch my lastest film: La Grotte du Grosibou - YouTube
Recorded with GoPro Hero3 on my son’s head ;-))
73 QRO