Callsign change

Good morning all,
From 1 jan 2011 my callsign will change from ON3WAB to ON2WAB.
My question: do I have to start all over again with SOTA or can I keep my present score as it is and how do I enter a new worked SOTA?
If I enter a new QSO in the database under my new callsign my total score is something completely different than my present score.
Thank you

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Hi Peter,
Log on as usual to database then choose change details.
Leave your logon name the same but edit the callsign.
This will keep all your past and present entries together.

Roger G4OWG

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Gd Morning Roger,
Further an the same subject - can a Foundation callsign used previously be used alongside a new Intermediate, or do you have to change to the single callsign?


Congratulations Peter on whatever you had to do to achieve the callsign ON2WAB.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M6PEW:
As far as I’m aware, though I’m no expert, you can only have one callsign in the callsign field. Multi callsigns are taken care of by the Submit activation/Submit chaser where it allows you to enter any callsign you used.

Roger G4OWG

Thank you Roger!

To Jimmy. We did not have to do anything. Apparentley some of us have done “the more difficult test” when we got the ON3 call.

At the moment nothing changes but we will most probably be given 50w by mid 2011 when complete revised belgian regulations will be presented.

So there will still be ON3 stations activ alongside ON2’s with the latter being less frequent.


In reply to G4OWG:
Thanks for that - does this mean if I used my Intermediate on a hill second time around within 12 months of my Foundation, I would maintain my 100% “Uniques” on each callsign :wink:
Can any of the board please advise before this drops off the page?