Call sign question

Rich, NU6T, and I are going to activate Leviathan Peak [W6/SN-039] on 25 Jun. This happens to be ARRL NA Field Day, not a coincidental choice, there should be plenty of activity for us :slight_smile: We’re discussing also submitting a 2B FD entry, we’d stay on after 2359Z until the falling temperatures get to us or the long dark spell approaches [we want to be down in the Carson Valley before dark].

If we use our own calls, SOTA credit is assured for each of us, but we’ll end up with two FD entries. If we use one call, we can submit one [bigger] FD entry. How does the SOTA Database handle this? I’ve heard that Q’s are credited to the call that is logged onto the DB rather than the call-used typed into the form … but then I’ve also heard the world will end on 21 May.

Any help/advice welcome.

Fred K6DGW
Canada/US SOTA Reporter Dude

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Log the QSOs you made with ur common call. Rich will log the Qs he made with the same call, and eveything should be fine.

Yes, this means you have to identify who made which contact.

It should work.

73 dude!

In reply to K6DGW:
When you are activating you can use any call sign that you can legally. Your database entries belong to you as an individual - and your database name doesn’t have to be your call sign (although that is useful, if you know it will not change). When you are logged on with your database name you can make entries for any call sign that you have used and your entries will count for your SOTA score. If you take a look at some of the more prolific UK activators you will see a variety of call signs being used - for example take a look at SOTA Database especially near the bottom. As you will see all count towards that activators score.