Cadair Berwyn

Activation of GW/NW-012 Cadair Berwyn on 30/01/11.

Just a quick post to thank all those stations who were kind enough once again to chase me on Sunday.
Decided quite late on Saturday to get up early and give it a go, so alarm clock set and no beer that night…

Up at 0530, departed at 0645 in the dark and icy dawn.
Eventually found the waterfall having taken quite a detour down some very small and icy lanes. This really does seem to be in the middle of no-where.
Boots on and I leave the empty car park just before 0900 and make my way up the valley route. No one to be seen or a sound to be heard. No wind too. Bliss.

Had a coffee at the lake before pushing on up the steep bit. Quite a pull on the legs this bit so I take my time.
Ground is frozen solid and a very slippy. Makes you concentrate when there is a 300 foot drop to your right!

Once at the top, quickly stroll to the summit and set myself up in cloud.
Deceptively cold up here…glad for my extra fleece.
Ground too hard to get pegs in, so decided on 2m ssb using my little plastic di-pole.

19 contacts from as far as the Lake District, Limerick, S. London and Don in Devon.
3 S2S also with GW8HXE/P Keith on NW-042, M0JLA/P Rob on WB-002 and MW6UPH/P on NW-001 Snowdon.

After an hour I decided I was cold enough and headed down the southerly path directly towards the waterfall - thus making a round trip. A bit steep this…glad I was going down and not up!!
A great cup of tea and cake in the cafe finished things off a treat.

Many thanks. A good day out.
Until the next one,

John G1STQ