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Geocaching is an world-wide outdoor treasure-hunting game in which the
participants use a GPS receiver hide and seek containers (called
"geocaches" or "caches”)

At our recent activation of DM/RP-455 Hardy (DF6PW) and I left a very
simple and small cache containing a logbook right on top the summit.
The position of our (SOTA) cache is:

050°14.0824 N
007°42.0467 E

Have fun es 73 …

Walt (DK1BN)

In reply to DK1BN:

A lot of SOTA activators are in to Geocaching it goes well with what we do, but it can make you late on the summit as you search on the assent.

I have a Geocoin floating around Germany at the moment. The last finder hasn’t placed it yet but it was last reported in Niedersachsen in a cache called Trojanus Cavaletti. It is called Thief Geocoin. Hopefully it will be placed soon and will be on the move again.

I also have one called Sota Summits Geocoin which was last seen in the Geocache on Harter Fell G/LD-028 in the English Lake District.

73 Steve GW7AAV

In reply to DK1BN:

Summit caching site run by Charlie G0PZO :-
Bye now !

In reply to DK1BN:
Hello Walt
If you would like me to include your summit cache on my website,
I will do so with pleasure. You also earn a point on the
league tables. Could this mean summitcaching is going
international hihi.
73 from Charlie

In reply to G0PZO:

Hi Charlie,

of course, please include it on your website. Do you need any further information? Like Hints?
DF6PW Hardy and I are new to geocaching. Did only a few and really will not include this cache into www.geoching.com may be in opencaching.de .
During our summit activations we certainly do some more ( fancier ones).


Hello Walt
Could you give me your user name on Geocaching.com
or the name of the cache. I cannot find it on the
from Charlie

In reply to DK1BN:
Hi walt, just picking up on geocaching is this where you can find any thing from nano’s to very big large box’s, virtuals and webcams, like others have said more activators and chasers are cachers. I have 1644 caches found and 160 placed. Plus various tb’s and coins

Uncanny! After my post on the reflector above I just got this email…

Niedersachsen, Germany
ro-go placed Geocoin Thief Geocoin (Geocoin Thief Geocoin) in Karst 12: Ruhe sanft !!! at 5/2/2009

In reply to G0PZO:

Hi Charlie,

Walt just called me from his cottage where he has just a narrow internet access. He asked me to reply to your kind offer to place our cache on your website.

We didn’t register it on geocache.com since we can’t guarantee the maintenance of the cache (it’s app. 1.5 hours drive from here). Thus, we have to leave it to its fate.

Vy 73, Hardy (DF6PW)

OK Hardy
No problem, but some of my caches are 2.5 hours drive
from my qth?
73 de Charlie