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After 3 weekends of NOT activating, my quest of SOTA resumed on Sunday, May 26, 2019.

I was actually on this very same summit one week before, but due to the heavy and sudden rain, I was forced to descend before I was able to make any contacts.

May 26 on the other hand provided me a very comfort weather for activation, sightly overcast, temperature about 27 Celsius.

It took us around 50 minutes to complete the trail of 1.6KM:

6 contacts were made, including one S2S from @JI3BAP on JA/KT-017.

I am very happy with my new lightweight SOTABOX, it covers all HF bands, equipped with a 10-inch tablet, 5AH battery. Weighta less than 10 lbs!


Hi Willis,

Thank you for our first S2S contact on 20m SSB. I was very happy to work with you.

JA/KT-017 Hangokusan 774m in Kameoka City, KYOTO

It was sunny and the temperature was about 30 degrees C.

Rig: FT-817 5W
Ant: EFHW for 40m band (20m long wire)

Hope to see you again on the air soon.


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