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BV/NT-019: My CW Activation Debut

I activated on BV/NT-019 Mian Tian Mountain (面天山, meaning “a mountain facing the sky”) on November 17 with my XYL.

Because it is one of the weekend hotspots in the Yangminshan National Park, I spent 20 minutes waiting for the parking spot.

The trail is 3.5km starting at the parking lot, the last section is pretty steep, which ascends 220m in 600m of stairs.

I was able to make 4 FT8 and 1 CW QSOs in 15 minutes of QRV. Special thanks goes to JH1MXV, who is patient enough to work CW with me at 10WPM, it was my CW activation debut.


Great …

…and I hope you enjoyed it and stay with it.

I’m happy about every extra CW activist …so good when the CW community grows.

There are many who are traveling with small luggage and doing CW. You will find many new qso partners!

73 Armin

Of course, in addition to FT8, being able to work CW definitely increases my “pool” of potential chasers!

Congrats, Willi, for your successfull activation and particularly for your 1st CW QSO.

And what it’s even more important: it will increase the fun you’ll get out of it!

I had the pleasure to make yesterday with a USA station what he said it was his 1st CW QSO. It surely was a milestone for him and it was big pleasure for me.
I’ll be looking forward to QSO with you some day on CW, as I don’t work FT8 so far, I’m afraid…


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Inspired by this activation, I setup a RBN station at my home QTH, hopefully it would help me as well as my fellow BV activators to be spotted via RBNHole:


Congratulations on your CW activation! I hope to have a QSO with you some day.

JH1MXV chased me on 17/11/2019 as well - 30 meters CW. This is the only 30m SOTA QSO I’ve ever had with Japan - I was shocked! Hatori has chased me many times on 20, but never on 30.

Keep up the good work!


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Looking forward to working you on CW, Willis. I worked BX2AI couple times so ZL should be within reach for you if conditions are right.

Andrei, de ZL1TM


Congratulations. I looked for you on FT8 but saw nothing. I did see some other Chinese stations and a few Japanese and some Australian ones but that was about it. None were SOTA stations.

I hope you can go to a peak where you can put up a dipole or bigger vertical as that will improve your range.

Even if you stick with the small whip I wish you luck and when conditions improve you will work many more countries.


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Hi Willis!
Congrats for your first cw sota qso!!
I hope to contact you in qrs cw qso!
Have fun!


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Hello Willi,
Greatings from France ! I encourage you sincerely to activate SOTAs in CW, and don’t worry about the speed. YOU are the activator ….Your speed will be growing up with the practice. My best regards and 73’s Jean.

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