Busy day on today thursday

WOW :blush:

Not bad for a Thursday, load,s Sota,s on air today
40M been fruitful, but 20m been bit naughty today, yet even nice to clock one on 15m :wink:

Felt more like the weekend, way the stations just kept on a coming on the watch list. :smiley:

The lovely weather has brought them goats out to play.
Big thanks to all those Goats today from this sloth in his slippers :+1:


Hi Karl

Thanks for the contact today (GM/SI-092 Dun Caan on Isle of Rassay) and for finding me yesterday calling from Bioda Buidhe GM/SI-081…

Thanks to all the spotters, chasers and activators for the contacts and apologies for being on early today but we caught an early ferry as heavy rain was forcast for the afternoon. Hopefully a few more summits in GM/WS and G/LD over the next few days… I will Alert.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Hi Karl,

Thanks for the chases on our three summits today :grinning: Hope to catch you again tomorrow

73 de Paul G4MD

Thanks for chasing Karl - good to work you for the first time. Will get the 40m antenna working a bit better for for next time. All the best


More thank you to you guys for putting on the summits in first place :+1:


Even on the sota it was a busy day. During my activation of EA3/GI-016 (Matagalls) I had a big pile-up on 20 meters. Conditions were pretty good and it was well worth all the climbing and walking to work you all guys and ladies. It’s still amazing to get so many stations back when calling with a FT817 from a hilltop.

A few hours later, when on EA3/BC-008 there was an enormous QRM and it was difficult to get some stations out. But I managed.

I hope to work you again from another sota.