Burnhope Seat and dog

Yesterday I paid another visit to G/NP-003 along with a black Labrador whose mission in life is to eat.
I normally prefer walking the north Pennines in winter when the bogs are frozen, but we’ve had a long dry spell and the bogs were only slightly soft! The drive to this hill ranks as one of the most scenic (IMHO) from Darlington on a sunny day.
This was my first serious activation with dog (previously I’ve only taken a handheld VHF for some ad hoc calls during the walk). What did I learn?:

  1. Despite taking several litres of fresh water for her, water from streams and muddy puddles tastes much better.
  2. It’s easier with only 1 walking pole if attempting to manage a dog lead.
  3. Sheep shit makes a welcome change from her usual diet of cow shit.
  4. Attempts to lift her over a fence were regarded as being a game involving much wriggling and lying on her back for tummy rubs.
  5. Unpacking a rucksack to rig a radio etc is also an invitation for much excitement and requires extremely close attention from the dog.
  6. Despite the miles of territory on offer, the most comfortable place for a dog to sit is on top of the aerial.
  7. The only other people to be seen during the day arrive during an attempt to work S2S - triggering a renewal of excitement and activity from the dog who had previously managed to settle down in an air of resigned boredom.

    Radio wise I struggled on 60m. I’d somehow narrowed the filter right down and it took me ages to work it out. I think I heard someone responding but it was totally unintelligible.
    Thanks to those who managed to break through the K9 interference and apologies if my performance was a little less slick! Would I do it again?
    Yes :wink:

73 de G6PJZ/P and K9DOG/highly mobile


The only item missing from your list is “Lying on the ground with leg cramp is a good excuse for cuddles!”


It’s a dogs life.

VK2WP 73’s


I now have a lot more respect for your achievements Paul @G4IPB :wink:

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Just planning tomorrows dog walk with added activation - The Calf and providing I’m still feeling OK Yarlside… so expect the usual muppetry from yours truly with my sidekick attempting a Dog 2 Dog QSO… 73. Paul ( And a very well behaved Woody - he is very well behaved in the Shack… ).


PS… As Burhope Seat is a quiet hill I have usually used the trig point - there is still a hole in the top which makes an excellent base for the mast!

That was me, I answered four CQs before giving up! So it was the filter - not as bad as the time I plugged the antenna into the inactive socket on the FT817, good job its a tolerant little rig!

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Sorry Brian! :man_facepalming:

Thanks for the QSO yesterday off Cheviot. Looks like you and K9DOG had a great day.

Old Cloth ears at the Cheviot trig.


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Thanks David, I realised last night when entering my log that that was a complete for me! It looks as though you had a nice day on the Cheviot; I have never had a nice day (weather wise) there!

Best wishes,