Bug in spots

Fri 12:10 HB9/DJ5KZ/P on HB/TI-102 7.032 cw
(Posted by F5CQ)

Summit: Stellberg, 663m, 6 points.’, DELAY, 250, CELLPAD, 5, 5, WRAP, TEXTSIZE, 1.5, BORDER, 2);" onmouseout=“nd()”>

This is what is showing on my screen at the moment running Firefox.

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also mine without firefox

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First entry for summit DM/TH-666 is okay, the latest is corrupt. What do you expect with a summit reference like that? - the Devil has got into the system!


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Think I caused this. First time my spot was OK but I mis-typed and entered the call as DJ4EY/
So I corrected to DJ4EY/P and all hell broke loose !!
73 Roy G4SSH

Hi Roy,

It was actually putting double quotes in that broke it.

Juergen “Jo”

I’ll have to tighten things up!

73, Jon