"Bug" in Alerts editing

I’ve been snagged by this twice. I think this is what is happening : when you go to edit an alert that you’ve posted, the alert date shown in the edit screen is incremented by one automatically. If you just edit other information and save, unbeknownst to you, your alert just got kicked up to the next day. You need to reset the date before you save after editing. This could potentially trip up a lot of activators if they don’t double check the alert after saving.

73, Barry N1EU

I’ve just tried creating then editing an alert. Did several edits and the date never changed. This was using FF on Win10.

EDIT: This makes me think there may be some other conditions needed to make the date change.

I click on “edit” for my alert later today (3/04/2020), and the edit screen instantly pops up with 4/04/2020. It does this on Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers (Win7Pro).

Wierd, I set my PC clock to Pacific Time (UTC -8) and created an alert and then edited it. Date didn’t change.

Silly question, what date is your computer showing?

Computer shows April 3, not a silly question.

I’ve uploaded screen capture video clearly demonstrating this problem: https://youtu.be/gCYUses25KY

Agreed - I see the same here Barry. I will consult with Andy and Andrew and see what we see. Thanks for the report.


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The problem also exists on Android Firefox.

The problem should be resolved now.

It’s not. I’m still seeing it.

Did you refresh the page prior to checking?

Hey Barry - you have to do a hard reload to get the updates. On Chrome on my Mac, it’s alt+click the reload button. On a PC I think it’s control+click the reload or control+F5.

I tested it here, and it is fixed.

sorry - yes, looks better, thanks for your good efforts!