Brochures for SOTA?

Is there any “generic” SOTA brochures, flyers, etc suitable for handouts at various hamfests that have been developed? We are beginning our hamfest season in the States and it would be opportune to make available a simple, 8-1/2 x 11 inch flyer for potential SOTA participants to explain the organization.

If someone has a Word, Adobe InDesign, or other doc format available, we can adapt it as necessary, print locally and make them available to our NA SOTA folks to aid in advertising SOTA. Thanks in advance,


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There is/was one, I have a battered copy in my hand right now, but it needs updating and is not very - er - international? I’ll find out later (everyone is either on the hill or glued to the screen or unfortunately working) if there is a pdf file to send you. I suggest that for the transatlantic market you would do better to modify it or roll your own.


Brian GR8ADD

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Check your Email for a copy of the PDF that I think Brian is referring to.

Mike G4BLH

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Thanks Mike. Received the .pdf document. I can work something up for the States. Guy/N7UN

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Could you please send me a copy, too, Mike - in case of future requests?


Brian GR8ADD

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Hi Brian,

Emailed to your yahoo account. As you said, they are pretty old and perhaps in need of a revamp HI.

Regards, Mike G4BLH

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Could i have a copy too please mike

adrian young at live dot com



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Can I have one please?

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PDFs sent.

73, Mike G4BLH

PS I’m now on commision HI

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Thanks much, will rework a bit and translate :wink:


There is a fully updated version of the leaflet available as a pdf which I have asked be made available for download.
In addition, if other association managers would like the master files (Coreldraw) to translate or otherwise modify for their local use then please email me direct.

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

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I’ve made up a “newer” leaflet based on the various files I’ve received from Barry and others. I am still making some changes based on some pics I just received from Jason/HL4/W2VLA. I will save a .pdf file to the NASOTA reflector for those who want to print a batch for your local hamfests. Think “advertise and market” SOTA and our activities for growth and attracting new Activators and Chasers!

73, Guy/N7UN

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Not posted yet. I’m making some print proofs tomorrow at the printers. I’m sure everything will work out but want to be sure of no mistakes. The leaflet is 3 column, double sided with a 3-way fold. I’ll let folks know when I post.


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I have uploaded a leaflet/pamphlet to the files section of the NASOTA reflector that can be used as general SOTA handout . The design is for a double-sided, 3 way folded leaflet.

In terms of content, I took a moderate position with pictures and verbiage aimed at the ham “hiker” in general. I think it is counter-productive to make SOTA look like an extreme sport, i.e. you have to be a mountain climber to
participate in SOTA.

If you print in color, I used “premium” paper but non-glossy. But they are
expensive to print: At my local Staples print shop, they cost $1.17 each(YIKES!) Folding is 2 cents more. Black & white on the same paper is 22 cents each for a double sided print. The color print looks really nice but the price is challenging…

If anyone can find a less expensive color print option, let us know.

Thanks, Guy